MWIII’s Monster Energy Campaign Has Kicked Off

monster energy mwiii

Congratulations, energy drink consumers – you can now unlock exclusive content in the upcoming Modern Warfare III simply by supping down cans of carbonated, high-caffeine beverages. That’s right – this year’s Call of Duty marketing campaigns are now in full swing, and despite hearing about it months ago, the Monster Energy portion of that campaign is officially live.

That means that you can earn tokens, cosmetics, and even Operators in Modern Warfare III right now. These rewards can be redeemed and linked and will sit in cold storage until the game is ready to go live on November 10th, 2023.

A Monster Campaign

Call of Duty and Monster Energy’s partnerships go back several years, and for ‘Call of Duty 2023’, things are no different. Going forward, special cans of Monster Energy – reportedly ‘any with a claw’ – bear exclusive codes that you can redeem on the campaign’s website.

But what are the rewards on offer?

  • Inner Beast Weapon Blueprint + 15M Double XP
  • The Beast Operator Skin + 15M Double XP
  • Caught in the Crosshairs Weapon Skin + 15M Double XP
  • Zero Chill Operator Skin + 15M Double XP
  • ‘Future Season Content’
  • ‘Future Season Content’
  • More 15M Double XP Tokens

It’s fairly neat that exclusive Operator skins can be unlocked with this deal, and it’ll inevitably drive business to Monster Energy’s doors. For Modern Warfare II’s release, there was an exclusive Burger King promotion that unlocked a skin in the game, but it was relatively hard to come by – this one should be much easier to take part in.

Oh, and we’re sorry literally everyone in the world who doesn’t live in the United States – this is a campaign that’s only open to those living in-country.

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