Call of Duty Veteran Forms New AAA Studio BulletFarm

BulletFarm Studio Logo

In a new blog post, NetEase Games announced today that ex-Call of Duty developer David Vonderhaar will lead the new AAA global game studio BulletFarm.

Fans will likely recognize Vonderhaar for their work on the Call of Duty: Black Ops series. Just days ago, Vonderhaar teased their new studio with a cryptic video. Until now, many fans believed it was simply a new title.

BulletFarm is a first-party studio with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The team includes “several industry veterans”.

NetEase Games also mentioned game designer Chris Cowell will be the creative director. But the company did not confirm the rest of BulletFarm’s employees or their roles.

BulletFarm Studio Logo

According to today’s NetEase post, “BulletFarm is currently developing a new and ambitious AAA game”. It will be “built in Unreal Engine 5 and set in an original universe with an emphasis on co-operative gameplay”.

NetEase also described the game as an “intimate and relatable experience”, with a “fresh take on first-person gameplay”.

So, Vonderhaar is staying in a similar lane, but they are sure to bring their signature innovative style.

Information about the game is currently a little broad, so development is likely early on. A title announcement is surely farther out.

But now that NetEase Games officially announced BulletFarm, Vonderhaar might be able to tease some more about the game.

NetEase added today that BulletFarm is “actively seeking top talent to join the founding team”.

Hopefully, this will be a ripe opportunity for some of the industry workers that layoffs affected. There have been countless devastating layoffs this year.

Even PlayStation announced this week that it plans to lay off 900 employees, around 8% of its global workforce. Smaller studios have also faced layoffs, including Disruptive Games last week.

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  1. He should get the license to something else and make a Spider-Man like I miss that Treyarch create a new superhero game or talk to someone not Marvel or DC. Haunt, Invincible, Static, the Valiant characters that could make a hood open world power fantasy game.

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