Epic Games Allegedly Hacked by Ransomware Gang

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According to a new report from Cyber Daily, the Mogilevich ransomware gang claims they hacked Epic Games and stole extensive data.

The gang claimed that they attacked Epic Games’ servers and now have 189 gigabytes of data. In addition to source code and “many other data”, the hackers reportedly compromised personal data too. Any buyers, including Epic Games itself, allegedly have until March 4th to purchase the data.

However, Cyber Daily mentions that Mogilevich has not “posted any proof-of-hack material”. The new report also describes the Mogilevich gang as “a relative newcomer”.

At this time, Epic Games has not issued an official statement about the incident.

UPDATE – Epic Games has offered the following statement to Insider Gaming:

“We are investigating but there is currently zero evidence that these claims are legitimate. Mogilievich has not contacted Epic or provided any proof of the veracity of these allegations. When we saw these allegations, which were a screenshot of a darkweb webpage in a Tweet from a third party, we began investigating within minutes and reached out to Mogilevich for proof. Mogilevich has not responded. The closest thing we have seen to a response is this Tweet, where they allegedly ask for $15k and “proof of funds” to hand over the purported data.”

UPDATE – A new report from Cyber Daily reveals that Mogilevich lied about the hack, and it is not a ransomware gang. Instead, Mogilevich describe themselves as “professional fraudsters”.

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The Epic Games hack has not been confirmed yet. However, many fans are already comparing it to the Insomniac Games leak from December 2023. Cyber Daily accurately reported that, too.

Ransomware group Rhysida later published over a million files, revealing key information about upcoming games like Wolverine. It also revealed special dates, including a timeline of future Insomniac Games releases. The sheer volume of Epic Games’ threatened data, and the addition of personal information would be another devastating leak.

The deadline for Epic Games’ data is next week. So, if the Mogilevich plans to leak partial information, it will likely happen soon.

Recently, Epic Games also struggled with court battles against Apple over its App Store strategies. Apple sought out $73 million dollars from Epic Games as reimbursements for legal costs.

Epic Games has recently pushed towards the future, expanding Fortnite with Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival.

Disney invested $1.5 billion in Epic Games earlier this month. Epic Games also announced that it would return to iOS in Europe sometime this year.

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