Nintendo Emulation Lawsuit Reveals 1 Million Pirated Copies of Tears of the Kingdom

tears of the kingdom nintendo

Recently, the news emerged that Nintendo has assembled a lawsuit against Tropic Haze, the creator of Yuzu, a Nintendo Switch emulator. At the heart of this lawsuit is an allegation that a whopping one million copies of Tears of the Kingdom were downloaded illegally using the Yuzu service before the game hit the open market in May 2023.

Nintendo takes these things very seriously – in 2021, the company won a lawsuit against a particular ROM-hosting platform and ended up securing $2.1 million in damages.

It’s Unlawful, They Say

In the lawsuit that was recently made public by Nintendo, it’s written about Yuzu:

Yuzu provides any Internet user in the world with the means to unlawfully decrypt and play virtually any Nintendo Switch game — including Nintendo’s current generation and most popular games — without ever paying a dime for a Nintendo console or for that game.

There’s a damning claim that Yuzu’s technology allowed more than one million copies of Tears of the Kingdom to be pirated, for which Nintendo is seeking at least $150,000 in damages.

First reported on Twitter by Stephen Totilo, the lawsuit aims to effectively shut down the emulator once and for all, effectively removing any further risk of pirating being made possible using the service’s systems.

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