Deck Nine Games Lays Off 20% of Staff

deck nine games

It has been a rough few days for the games industry following news of layoffs from the likes of Sony and the ESL FACEIT Group that shook the market. However, the wave that’s currently washing over industry workers is yet to subside, as in recent hours, more studios announced mass layoffs. Deck Nine Games, the developer of Life is Strange: True Colors, stressed in a post on Twitter that it’s laying off 20% of its workforce due to the ‘game industry’s worsening market conditions’.

Not Making Decisions Lightly

It’s becoming such a common sight to see studios laying off vast swathes of employees as the financial situation for many of these developers tightens. With rising development costs and falling levels of investment, the last resort is for studios to start cutting their employees out of the picture. That’s what happened at Deck Nine Games recently, with the studio posting on Twitter:

Like many others in the games indsutry right now, Deck Nine has been affected by the game industry’s worsening market conditions. Today we made the difficult decision to lay off 20% of our staff. These people are amazing, talented, and awesome developers. They have made a huge impact during their time at Deck Nine Games and we did not take this decision lately. Please hire these people if you can, they’re amazing.

It’s expected that we’ll see more studio closures and thousands more layoffs as the year unravels. We’re only two months into 2024 and we’re already fast approaching the number of layoffs made through the entirety of 2023.

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