Call of Duty Devs Taking Action Against Ranked Play Boosting

Call of Duty Warzone Team
Image via Activision

In a new post on Twitter, the official Call of Duty Updates account warned players it is ramping up action against Ranked Play progression boosting.

The post says that “we have taken action against all detected accounts” for boosting behavior across both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

It adds that “accounts flagged for such activities will undergo a reset of their account SR progression” as an initial measure. There could be even further consequences as the team continues to investigate. Further, the devs cleared any accounts in question from the Ranked Play leaderboards.

There are also plans to “continue to monitor leaderboards with new detections”. Naturally, the post doesn’t detail the exact process. Today’s post warns players that the devs may “fully reset SR on detected boosted accounts periodically”.

Fans are widely pleased with the gesture, though most praise also coincided with requests for other security actions. Many fans hope to see further anti-cheat solutions, as well as a fix for shadow ban issues.

This is definitely a nice step forward though. It also builds more momentum after Call of Duty cheat provider Interwebz shut down a couple of weeks ago. It’s unclear if that incident was related, though Interwebz cited that a legal notice caused the shutdown.

Last week, Call of Duty revealed a major roadmap for Season 3, teasing all-new game modes and maps. Boosting can disrupt Call of Duty ranked play quite a bit, so fans can likely look forward to a smoother Season 3 experience.

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