PlayStation Showcase To Be Held Next Month, It’s Claimed

playstation showcase

In January, PlayStation hosted a State of Play showcase, revealing fresh content for Death Stranding 2, Stellar Blade, Until Dawn, and several other important titles. It was a sizeable event that was well reviewed – but it seems as though Sony is already shaping up to take to the stage once again. Recent claims have suggested that an all-new PlayStation showcase – potentially another State of Play – will be held next month.

That Was Quick

It’s not typical for these major showcases to land so close to each other, but claims made recently by Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb may be an indicator that Sony is bucking that trend. During a recent stream, Grubb said:

I’ve heard that there will be a PlayStation ‘something’ – either a State of Play or a Showcase, next month in May, so this is probably going to be there.

The ‘this’ he was referring to is Silent Hill 2, the remake that was recently classified by the ESRB and given an M for Mature rating. It was noted that it would be exactly a year since the last PlayStation Showcase – a much more major event compared to a State of Play.

This could be the event during which Sony reveals the PlayStation 6.

Oh, April Fool’s is finished? Apologies.

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