New Tarkov Update Introduces Seasons and Major BTR Changes

tarkov update

A new Escape from Tarkov update’ll download whenever you next boot into the launcher, bringing some fairly sizeable changes to the game. Most importantly, Battlestate Games has confirmed that this update effectively kicks off the ‘seasons system’ that has been on the cards for a while. It’ll mean that periodic changes will be made to Tarkov’s visuals, ambient sounds, and weather effects, all in correlation with real-world seasonal changes.

Changes on Changes

As the year unravels, Battlestate Games will apply further changes to Tarkov, altering the game’s weather state as the seasons change. That means more rain in spring, brighter summer sunshine, more winter snow, etc. It’ll also change the game’s ambient sounds, so expect a learning curve – even if it’s just a minor one.

In the recent update (, Battlestate has also made a major change involving the BTR-82A – the roaming APC. With this patch, the BTR has made its way into Woods, one of the game’s largest and most open maps. It’ll roam the map, stopping at various key locations and offering the same services to players that it has done on Streets of Tarkov since it was introduced last year.

Ground Zero, the new map that was brought into the game following the last ‘wipe’, has also undergone substantial changes. These alterations include a divisive matchmaking system that splits players up according to their level, with the version of the map for ‘experienced players’ boasting tougher scavs, more rare loot, and an opportunity for Kollontay, a relatively new boss, to spawn.

The full patch notes for can be found on the Escape from Tarkov blog.

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