Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 To Add Four Mode and Six Maps To Multiplayer

Activision has released the road map for season 3 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, and with it comes the major reveal that multiplayer will see four new game modes and six new maps

Starting with the game modes, Season 3 will see the return of two classic game modes: Capture the Flag and One in the Chamber. In addition, two new other modes include Minefield and Escort, both of which are coming mid-season.

Four New Multiplayer Modes

Capture the Flag – Coming at Launch

“The real tactics involve stealing the opponent’s flag and returning it to their home base, while simultaneously defending that same base and their flag from the enemy. As a flag won’t be scored as “captured” until a team’s flag is safe in its base, squads must bring both impressive offensive and defensive capabilities to win the match.”

One in the Chamber – Coming During Launch Window

“Each player in this free-for-all gets a single bullet to start with and one additional bullet every time you achieve a kill. You also start with three lives, and the bullet you’re firing is extremely potent, dropping foes no matter where you hit them.”

Minefield – Coming Mid-Season

“In the same way that Season 2’s Hordepoint was “Hardpoint but with Zombies,” think of Minefield as “Multiplayer but with mines.” Currently applicable to almost any current game mode, Sledgehammer Games will be switching on this game variant in a variety of modes, like Kill Confirmed, Domination, and Hardpoint. Minefield uses the same rules as the mode in question, but with one important addition: When you defeat a rival player, a Proximity Mine is dropped at the enemy’s corpse.”

Escort – Coming Mid-Season

“Those Call of Duty: Warzone veterans who remember playing the entertaining, limited-time mode known as Payload know what to expect here as two teams — both with unlimited respawns — face off on a variety of maps, with one side protecting a MAW as it maneuvers across the map.”

Six New Multiplayer Maps Come To Modern Warfare 3

On top of the four game modes, players will get access to six new core 6v6 maps throughout the season. Three are brand new maps, two are repurposed, and one is a remaster.

These maps are: 6 Star, Emergency, Growhouse, Tanked, Checkpoint, and Grime.

Full details of each map can be found below:

6 Star – Coming at Launch

Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 Multiplayer maps 6 star

“The primary flow lanes through these locations offer opportunities no matter your playstyle, and while the curved connecting corridors allow excellent access across and around the map, there are several useful shortcuts, like a vent connecting the aquarium and Oasis Lounge, a pump room that drops down into the lounge, and a precarious catwalk joining the garden helipad to a security office.”

Emergency – Coming at Launch

Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 Multiplayer Maps Emergency

“The entire area is the scene of a major conflagration, with black smoke billowing from the valley below, while the State Disease Control Agency facility has seen evidence of fierce fighting. The flow of the map is via an exterior forecourt, the interior reception lobby, and a medical laboratory, offering longer sightline opportunities from both the ground and atop parked vehicles.”

Growhouse – Coming at Launch

Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 Multiplayer Maps Growhouse

“Smaller than Meat, this map features upper and lower levels offering greater space to move than you’d initially expect, especially if you know the ladders and points of entry. Expect mid- to longer-ranged battles aboveground, and close-quarter combat inside the rickety structure. Use the ancillary structures on the east and west sides as ambush points.”

Tanked – Coming at Launch

Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 Multiplayer Maps Tanked

“Drop into Vondel Zoo after-hours in this fast-paced, medium-sized map developed by Beenox. The map is centered around a main Aquarium structure within the Call of Duty: Warzone point of interest, significantly reworked for Multiplayer. 

“The action is mainly at ground level, with the most ferocious combat occurring around and in the fish-filled exhibition, with winning players making the most of the Aquarium tunnel, along with an exterior cave ambush point to the north.”

Checkpoint – Coming Mid-Season

Checkpoint Map

“Get a taste of Rebirth Island in Multiplayer later in Season 3, as the eastern point of interest known as Stronghold becomes the setting for some furious and fast-paced combat. 

“The map is pleasingly dense, with almost all the action at ground level. The upper walkways and the control tower are sealed off, so combat is rapid, with plenty of cover options. Fall back toward the roundabout and the small hangar and shoreline buildings, or battle for control over the checkpoint road and its interior spaces.”

Grime – Coming Mid-Season

Grime Map

“Among the graffitied walls, navigate the piles of rubbish and brave the derelict London canal, well away from Big Ben and the bright lights in England’s capital city.

“The urban layout provides a variety of cover opportunities, though you could always head to the Captain’s Dog for a pint and a punch.”

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