Breath of the Wild Multiplayer Mod is Now Live

breath of the wild multiplayer mod

On April 4th, a YouTuber by the name of PointCrow released a Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod that was created by two modders – AlexMangue and Sweet – last year. Originally, PointCrow emerged in 2021 to offer up a wild $10,000 reward for any modder that could build him a multiplayer mod for Breath of the Wild.

It took a while, but it was ultimately delivered. For several months, PointCrow used the mod to make videos showcasing the multiplayer functions woven into the base game by AlexMague and Sweet. However, now that the mod has been released, Nintendo has started paying attention, and the firm has been issuing copyright strikes against PointCrow’s videos.

Anything You Can Do…

By all accounts, the Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod is pretty comprehensive and well-built, meaning that the two modders who created it certainly earned their $10,000 reward. In a post on Resetera, one user explains at length how it’s almost flawless, offering up synchronisation between quests and ‘shrine progress’ between players, even if progress is interrupted for one of those players.

However, there is a major limitation – the multiplayer mod is only available on the WiiU version of the game, and not for the Nintendo Switch.

On Twitter, PointCrow took to the airwaves to complain about Nintendo, stating that the tech titan has been issuing copyright strikes against his content left, right, and centre, successfully taking his videos offline or demonetising them.

In the comments of this post, one like-minded user highlighted that he too had videos showcasing Breath of the Wild mods that Nintendo issued DMCAs against in order to have them taken down.

By today, PointCrow has secured millions of views on his multiplayer mod content, and in his ongoing battle with Nintendo, some of the videos have been reinstated on his channel for viewers to check out once again.

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