Exclusive: NASCAR Responds To Motorsport Games Delays

NASCAR Motorsport Games

On March 24, Motorsport Games announced its fourth quarter and 2022 year-end financials, leaving people wondering just what is going to happen to the company that holds the licenses for NASCAR, IndyCar, and other racing titles.

After reporting the financials, Motorsport Games CEO Dmitry Kozko thanked his employees via an internal email. He also mentioned the likelihood of “uncertainties” moving forward despite recent capital raises for the company.

IndyCar told Insider Gaming that they would continue to evaluate the information they have from Motorsport Games. The organization says it’s “thoroughly committed to bringing the best quality video game products to the INDYCAR community”.

NASCAR Has Issued A Statement

Now, NASCAR has responded to Insider Gaming’s request for comment and issued the following statement on where things stand:

“NASCAR is committed to delivering high-quality experiences to our fans, and we take their feedback seriously. We understand, and share, the concerns regarding the quality of the video games produced by Motorsport Games and are actively working to improve the overall gaming experience. We’re optimistic about NASCAR’s future in this space.

NASCAR continues to believe in the potential for growth and improvement in the video game space. We are collaborating with Motorsport Games to address the concerns raised by our fans and are optimistic about the future of NASCAR’s initiatives in gaming.

NASCAR’s top priority remains delivering exceptional experiences to our fans on and off the race track, including through gaming. We are grateful for the continued support and feedback from our community and are excited to bring new, engaging and innovative products to the market in the coming years.”

IndyCar was originally going to release in 2023 before being pushed back to at least 2024, which Insider Gaming has reported on in the past. NASCAR hasn’t seen a full-scale new release since NASCAR 21: Ignition in October 2021. Motorsport Games did release NASCAR Rivals on the Nintendo Switch in October 2022, which was an enhanced version of NASCAR Heat+ on the system.

Motorsport Games has yet to respond to multiple requests for comment on the status of its games.

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  1. Hopefully NASCAR and Indycar will dump Motorsport Games and allow a real game developer show them how it’s done.

  2. You’re just beating a dead horse at this point. Of Course Motorsport Games won’t respond, there’s literally only 1 or 2 employees at the company besides Dmitry Kozko.

    Secondly, NASCAR continues to “believe” in the growth of MSG? What a joke, they lost over 70 MILLION DOLLARS since Nascar 21: Ignition released. Motorsport Games is a scummy game company, and SCAMMED the NASCAR community of the garbage N21 is. They shelved the NASCAR Heat 5 2022 DLC (which is being developed by a few people in the community as a MOD), IndyCar will NEVER be released, because of only 2 people “working” for MSG still. AVOID any expectations/hope that MSG will ever produce another racing game.

    Only thing you should hope for is that NASCAR abolishes the video game contract with MSG ASAP in favor from a better company.

  3. Hi I think that if a Reskin of Heat 5 is more easily done than
    doing a new game, I believe most of the players would be
    satisfied it that can be done, and maybe a few new
    things! I play on PC, and mostly all racing, I am
    70yrs old and love PC racing. I cant afford I racing as it
    is to expensive and if your not playing it all the time
    your wasteing money, and today its tough to have $$$ just for
    living, food, and more! I know the reality is that they all
    want everyone to do I racing in my opinion, but folks, most
    of us at my age and to those in the say 13 to 50 group have
    it tough with money also! I hope soon Motorsports games can
    come up with something good and reliable for us gamers!!!!
    If possible can you please keep me updated by email
    please!!!!!! Thanks for your time and hope for great
    results!!!!!!!!!!! Mike Kramer Fleetwood Pa 19522

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