Bendy 3 is Now in Pre-Production, Logo Revealed

Bendy 3 Logo

In a new post on Twitter, the official Bendy account announced that Bendy 3 has entered pre-production, alongside a logo for the anticipated sequel.

Developer Joey Drew Studios most recently released Bendy and the Dark Revival in 2022 to rave reviews. The first-person survival horror hit continued to expand the lore surrounding a mysterious animation studio.

The developers did not confirm further details on Bendy 3, let alone a release window. But now that the game is officially in pre-production, fans have a better idea of the overall timeline and when to expect launch.

Back in January, the devs also announced Bendy: The Cage, which is due to release sometime this year. While little is known about it, the Steam page mentions that the story will center on Henry’s escape from “The Pit”, a Keeper prison.

So, The Cage is surprisingly set during the events of Bendy and the Dark Revival. While it probably won’t push the story forward much, it’s certain to explore new mythology. These hidden gems feature clever puzzles, a fresh setting, and legitimately creepy characters.

Unfortunately, today’s logo doesn’t tease too much for Bendy 3. But the mysterious arm is a natural tease for longtime fans. It hints at a major return, though players probably expected it.

Bendy’s universe won’t just expand on the gaming side, either. In December 2023, the developers confirmed that a movie adaptation is on the way.

Radar Pictures is the production company behind blockbuster hits like Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. So, Bendy is more likely to earn more mainstream fans soon enough, too. This implies that Bendy could easily continue well beyond Bendy 3 with more spin-offs and multimedia tales.

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