5-Hour ENERGY Launching 230mg Caffeine ‘Gamer Shot’

5-hour energy gamer shot

Do you often find yourself getting tired midway through a gaming session? Is there a constant sense of exhaustion plaguing your playthrough? Well, you can now push past drooping eyelids and those moments where you find yourself running blankly into a wall with new 5-Hour ENERGY ‘Gamer Shot’ products.

In a micro-sized bottle, 5-Hour ENERGY has packed a whopping 230mg of caffeine. To put that into perspective, the largest can of Red Bull on the market currently has around 150mg of caffeine in it and will take you a few minutes to consume – at least. There are hopes that the gaudy, bright branding will appeal to gamers and that the Gamer Shot line will (somehow) invigorate sessions while avoiding ‘the jitters’.


There’s nothing new about 5-Hour ENERGY – these products have been on the market for twenty years, but now they’re actively targeting gamers with a new line: Gamer Shot. There are three new ‘energising’ flavours designed to give gamers a boost in the form of 230mg of caffeine and a slew of other assorted amino acids and chemicals like taurine. It’s a stock-standard array where energy drinks are concerned, but it’s concentrated into a 50ml bottle.

In a statement, the President of Living Essentials, the company that produces 5-Hour ENERGY, said:

Creating a shot specifically for gamers is a natural extension for us – 62% of adults in America play video games, and many of them say they consume an energy beverage while gaming. Now they can down our new gamer shot in seconds and be at the top of their game for hours.

Why take it slow with a product like G-Fuel or Monster when you can throw back a dangerously energised shot or two and get back to gaming without taking so much as a five-second-long pause?

There are three tantalising new flavours available for the Gamer Shot range, not that you’ll have them in your mouth long enough to soak up the taste:

  • Pineapple Charge
  • Rocket Raspberry
  • Apple Bash

Be warned: Living Essentials advises that 5-Hour ENERGY products aren’t suitable for consumption by minors. Sorry, kids – you’ll need to get your caffeine bursts elsewhere.

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