COD Player Hits 10th Prestige Without Killing A Single Enemy


Call of Duty isn’t the first franchise that jumps to mind when you think of pacifism, but for one player, it’s the only way to play. On Reddit, ‘Pilgore1’ recently revealed that they’ve managed to reach the 10th Prestige on Modern Warfare 3 without killing a single enemy, instead relying on objective-based modes and the destruction of killstreaks to level up.

Call of Pacifism

Taking the pacifist approach in games isn’t new, but for some players, taking that route in a game designed to flaunt a theatre of war is an extra-special challenge. For instance, Escape from Tarkov’s ‘ThatFriendlyGuy’ is a streamer who prides himself on making pacifist runs, only killing enemy players with their express permission to do so to pass certain quests.

On Reddit, Pilgore1 posted a screenshot showing a K/D ratio of 0.00, which means that they didn’t land a single kill on an enemy during the 486 games that they played to reach the 10th Prestige in Modern Warfare 3.

That’s harder than it sounds, as even a stray grenade or a non-lethal has the opportunity to kill an enemy. Pilgore1 explained that they focused on objective-based modes like Domination and Hardpoint, taking advantage of XP boosts to level up as quickly as possible. They relied mostly on a Riot Shield to prevent taking damage but also ran an LMG to take down scorestreaks like turrets and UAVs. Even that posed a threat, as a stray shot could have meant a single player being killed to ruin that streak.

On that note, Pilgore1 said:

A few close calls, for sure. God spared me.

Pilgore1 completed this achievement on 2022’s Modern Warfare 2, but it took substantially longer, it was said.

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