Mecha Break Announces New Closed Beta

A new closed beta test is coming for the upcoming multiplayer mech game Mecha Break from Seasun Games.

The closed beta will run from April 26-29 between 6 am-12 pm ET (6 pm-12 am UTC+8) each day. Within the beta, players will be able to play the game’s 60-player PvEvP Mashmak mode for the first time. The mode will see players “facing ambushes and confronting hostile mechs from other players.”

When the game fully releases, other modes include 3v3 and 6v6 team fights.

First announced during The Game Awards 2023, Mecha Break is a multiplayer mech battle game set to release for PC and console. An official release date, however, has yet to be announced.

“Mecha Break puts players in control of expert mech pilots as they fight across the land and sky alike,” Seasun Games said. “These mechs are the pride and joy of any accomplished pilot, with weapons, armor pieces, chassis, and even the paint job being fully customizable.”

Those who want to sign up for the Mecha Break closed beta can do so via the game’s sign-up form.

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