Bendy The Cage Announced For 2024

Bendy The Cage New Bendy

Bendy: The Cage, a new game in the indie horror series, has been announced in a new tweet from the series’ official feed.

It also links to a brand-new Steam page, which reveals that Bendy: The Cage is due sometime in 2024. It does not confirm a concrete release window or exact date.

Naturally, Joey Drew Studios has returned to develop and publish the sequel.

The Steam page confirms that Bendy: The Cage will take place at the same time as Bendy and the Dark Revival, which released in 2022.

This means that The Cage might revisit some events from Dark Revival, only from a different perspective.

The page also includes key story details about the setting and lore. Bendy: The Cage features “the fearful story of Henry and his escape from the Keeper prison known as The Pit”.

This marks a return to Henry Stein, the hero from the original game, Bendy and the Ink Machine.

The Steam page further describes The Pit as a “deep hellscape of metal and blood”, and full of banished dark souls.

Bendy: The Cage was announced just one week after a movie adaptation of the Bendy universe was revealed.

The Bendy movie is coming from Radar Pictures, a film studio best known for their recent Jumanji sequels. Joey Drew Studios should contribute to the movie adaptation in some way.

It’s clear that the sleeper hit Bendy series isn’t losing momentum. Bendy: The Cage has an opportunity to flesh out even more lore.

This new mythology should help support a feature length story, since these games are often quite short. Developer Joey Drew Studios distinctly has a lot more to offer.

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