Battlefield 2042: Season 5 Launches June 7th with New Map

new dawn battlefield 2042 season 5

Battlefield 2042’s Season 5 update, otherwise known as ‘New Dawn’, will be released on June 7th, going hand-in-hand with a sizeable package jammed full of all-new content. There’s a brand new map, new weapons, gadgets, ‘experiences’, and of course, an entirely new battle pass to be worked through by those still playing Battlefield 2042.

It’s another step on the path of redemption for DICE and Battlefield 2042. In recent months, the game has been improving at an exponential rate, and since being added to EA Play, it’s only getting more popular.

Never Back Down

That’s the slogan for the Battlefield 2042 Season 5 update, and it’s an appropriate one, given the circumstances. In recent news, a former DICE developer went on record stating that ‘Battlefield 2042 never stood much chance of being great at launch’. It’s no big secret that Battlefield 2042 essentially destroyed any credibility the series had left when it was released, but two years of reparative efforts have put the game in a (more or less) stable place.

On June 7th, the latest in a relatively long line of those efforts will be released, as Battlefield 2042’s latest update is released:

There’s a lot to look forward to in the New Dawn update, too.

From three new weapons and three gadgets to an all-new map set in a snowy, wintery environment – Reclaimed – there’s a lot of fresh content for players to enjoy. There will be new veteran kit assignments, a limited-time event based on the new map, a refreshed battle pass with a wide array of content to unlock, and countless updates, amendments, changes, and fixes.

We’ll be securing squad management features in the Battlefield 2042 Season 5 update, along with squad orders, a revitalised class system, and a reinvigorated store – in case you wanted to offer up more money to Electronic Arts. For a list of all changes coming to the game in the update, check out the patch notes.

Finally, there’s a new edition of the game for players that haven’t yet invested in Battlefield 2042. It’s the ‘Elite Edition’, and it’ll allow players to catch up on an entire year of content from Battlefield 2042, including a stack of specialists, an exclusive cosmetic bundle, and a hardware kit that delivers ten weapons and eight vehicles.

It’s $89.99 / £89.99 though, so it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it.

Are you still playing Battlefield 2042 or have you long since moved on? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Battlefailed 2042.
    Not close to any previous experience not close by a landslide of differences.
    Has it improved?
    It is made in a wannabee solo superhero game filmeditie with campers and hackers with aim bots.

    Fun has turned it tonns of frustrations. All my friends have left because this game is crap compared to BC II, BF 3 & 4, BF 1 & V even freakin Hardline was better then this. The design, bugs is a rollercoaster of dissapointments.

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