EA Confirms Battlefield 2042 Content Beyond Season 4, Free Access, and more

Despite theories on the internet that Battlefield 2042 will be ceasing content beyond Season 4, EA has said it’s just started pre-production “on all new content beyond Season 4”.

However, recent wording on its website has implied that the content will consist of only one multiplayer map per season moving forward.

In the new blog update, the company has also announced the much-requested changes to the specialist system will be implemented in 2023, during Season 3.

In addition, Battlefield 2042 will be available for Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play subscribers “with the launch of Season 3” and free access periods of the game will be given on all platforms in December.

The Specialist rework in Season 3 will see certain specialists banded together and given specific roles.

Battlefield 2042 Specialist Changes:

ENGINEER: Vehicle Disabler & Support – the Engineer Class is centered around aiding and fighting vehicles.

  • Boris, Crawford, Lis

RECON: Spotting & Targeting – Recons provide themselves and teammates with intel on enemy positions, and designate targets.

  • Casper, Paik, Rao

SUPPORT: Healer/Reviver/Ammo supplier – Support provides health, revives and ammo to ensure teammates can stay active in the fight.

  • Angel, Irish, Falck

ASSAULT: Anti-Infantry Frontline Fighter – Assault are specialized at fighting infantry and shine on the frontlines of combat.

  • Dozer, Mackay, Sundance

What you told us based on our initial designs is that the Class categorization of Specialists still has room for improvement. Through that feedback and further Playtests with some of you, we’ve made several key changes to Crawford and Irish.

In addition to these changes, it was announced today that Battlefield 2042 specialists will also see changes to Weapon Proficiencies.

Changes to Weapon Proficiencies:

Here’s where we’re at with the weapon proficiencies that we have so far:

Assault – Assault Rifle Proficiency

  • Assault Rifles are ready to fire quicker after sprinting

Engineer – Utility Proficiency

  • Utility Weapons have improved reloading capabilities

Support – LMG Proficiency

  • LMG’s have additional magazines and are more efficient when deploying bipods

Recon – Sniper Rifle Proficiency

  • Faster to stabilize when holding breath, with longer hold breath durations

Battlefield 2042 Season 3 is set to be launched later this month, Insider Gaming exclusively reported in October that the season is set to begin November 22.