Battlefield 2042 Season 3 to Launch November 22nd

Sources, who have access to EA’s internal release schedule have confirmed that Battlefield 2042 Season 3 will launch November 22nd, 2022.

The update verifies that DICE are not anticipating a delay to Season 3.

Battlefield 2042 Season 3 is set to bring a “massive overhaul” to the Specialist system.

Earlier this year on the website, DICE said: “As we shared in the video, we have started work on a massive overhaul on the way that you’ll play with Specialists. This is a big undertaking for us, and whilst this work won’t feature in Season 2, we’re planning for it to feature in Season 3 later on this year. Presently we’re targeting this to go live in Update 3.2, but as we work through the changes, and incorporate more feedback, we’ll be in the best position to let you know if we can make it happen earlier in the season.”

Presumably, Update 3.2 is likely to come mid-season rather than at the launch of the season. It’s worth noting that this update was made in August 2022 and DICE are yet to give a more recent update on when Specialists will be coming to the game.

Hourglass, Discarded, Manifest, and Breakaway are yet to be overhauled by DICE, so we should see an officially announcement of which maps will be overhauled soon.

With Battlefield 2042 Season 3, we should expect at least:

  • 1 new map
  • 1 new specialist
  • 1 new Battle Pass
  • New weapons
  • New vehicles

This weeks patch update 2.2 reworks Orbital in a similar manner to how September’s patch reworked the Renewal map. So, we should be expecting similar reworks to the remaining four maps throughout Season 3 and 4.

We’ll know more about these additions in the coming weeks.

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