Batman: Arkham Shadow Gets ESRB Rating

Batman Arkham VR Reveal Trailer

The anticipated new VR game Batman: Arkham Shadow just got a new ESRB rating, confirming some minor details about the gameplay and plot.

The rating summary explains that players will “traverse the city while examining crime scenes, completing undercover missions, and battling enemies.”

This appears to emphasize Batman’s detective side. The summary says players will face off against thugs and police officers alike, which may hint at the nature of the potential undercover missions.

ESRB also describes various melee combat and stealth tactics, which fans often praised as a highlight in previous Arkham games.

The developer recently revealed Batman: Arkham Shadow with a brief teaser. However, it was purely cinematic, and only revealed a few hints. It did confirm that Batman: Arkham Shadow will be a Meta Quest 3 exclusive title.

Although ESRB gave Batman: Arkham Shadow a Teen rating, the ratings summary does mention a cutscene with a “blood-splatter effect.” So, the game may still have an edgier attitude.

It also adds that players will investigate “a mysterious cult harming Gotham City.” It’s unclear if this refers to the Court of Owls or an original enemy. But that does seem to reveal a key plot point from the narrative.

At this time, Batman: Arkham Shadow does not have an exact release date. However, it’s expected to launch in late 2024, and a world premiere trailer is coming to Summer Game Fest this year.

Summer Game Fest begins this week on June 7, and it will feature 2 hours of game showcases. The event could be an ideal place to reveal Batman: Arkham Shadow’s release date.

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  1. Why can’t we get a Batman Beyond game, Nightwing, Jonah Hex, even Green Arrow would work DC and WB Games are just dumb.

  2. Another flop from WB now would have been the time for a new single player superhero game but they drop the ball again.

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