Batman: Arkham Shadow VR Game Revealed, Coming Late 2024

Batman Arkham VR Reveal Trailer

According to a new trailer via IGN, the next installment in the hit Batman: Arkham series will be a VR game titled Batman: Arkham Shadow.

Although the trailer did not confirm a concrete release date, a release window is currently set for “late 2024.” Fortunately, it also teases that the world premiere is coming to Summer Game Fest 2024 on June 7th. Fans can likely expect a release date trailer during that event.

Further, today’s trailer adds that Batman: Arkham Shadow will be exclusively available on Meta Quest 3. The game comes via Camouflaj and Oculus Studios, who partnered with DC and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

The original Batman: Arkham trilogy remains iconic, and renewed interest when it released onto Switch a few months ago. Fans often praised its immersive and fluid combat system, as well as the memorable performances.

Some fans might be disappointed that Batman: Arkham is returning in the VR space. However, its immersive gameplay should be a natural fit.

Today’s trailer was only a cinematic, so there aren’t many details about the plot itself, though fans are speculating on some of the imagery.

The trailer description simply says that “Gotham City is in danger,” and that “you’re the only one who can save it.” This is about as vague as it gets for a Batman-themed game. Summer Game Fest will likely reveal more about the narrative itself. Hopefully, there will also be word on the cast.

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  1. Fans want a proper Batman game not this! A Batman Beyond game would be awesome or Nightwing, a AAA open world superhero game. This is all people want.

    1. Thank you yes! How they never made a open world next gen Batman Beyond game when Kevin was alive is beyond me(no pun) and yeah similar to how Sony did Miles Morales they could have done a Nightwing game open world in Bludhaven he was already introduced in the Arkham games and Bruce alluded to him taking over they could have brought Damian in that way with Nightwing taking over as Batman and Damian as Robin giving you options for both also Damian’s assassin fighting style it could adapt the Grant Morrison run and Black Mirror arc. I think Jonah Hex would be great too since there’s such a big wait between Red Dead games but they have no competition in sight Jonah would be unique with his slave and confederate background.

  2. Can they start licensing out? I wish we got more AAA open world titles a reboot Batman, Batman Beyond, Nightwing, Hitman, Green Arrow, Wally West Flash, Green Lantern ARPG , Static, Blue Beetle, Captain Marvel, Superboy, Robin, Martian Manhunter, The Question, Jonah Hex, Aztec, Lobo, Anarky, Cassandra Cain/Wayne Batgirl, Aquaman as a hack n slash, Tempest, Deadman, Etrigan, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, Legion Of Superheroes, and I guess the wildstorm stuff could work as a fighting game or Wildcats as stealth action game based on the Casey run.

  3. I’m just curious where this fits in the Arkham timeline. It’s guaranteed to be set before Arkham Knight but wondering if it’s going to be in-between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum or in-between the other Arkham games. It’s annoying that after all this time of waiting it’s a VR exclusive game. Also please don’t make Joker the main villain again for the fifth time.

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