Square Enix Will Be a Part of the Xbox Showcase, It’s Claimed

Square Enix canceled games loses

Square Enix might have some announcements to make at the Xbox Showcase, Final Fantasy 9 remake could be one of them.

Trusted tipster, Midori, recently took to X (formerly Twitter) to inform the fans about Square Enix’s next plans. It seems that the Final Fantasy developer is going to be a part of the upcoming Xbox Showcase, scheduled for June 9. Square Enix will reportedly be present at the event with information on their upcoming titles. This is very exciting news as fans have been wondering what’s next for Square Enix and Xbox after the former’s multiplatform push announcement.

Earlier in the same thread, Midori spoke about a Final Fantasy 9 remake still being in development. This title was reportedly not cancelled and was “outsourced to another developer” as Square Enix wasn’t satisfied with the progress. Midori added that the development of this title is “very far along” and that the game should arrive before the end of the fiscal year, however, they aren’t sure. Final Fantasy 9 is a game that is reportedly planned for multiple platforms and could show up at the Xbox Showcase, but players shouldn’t get their hopes too high. 

Furthermore, Midori also spoke about Kingdom Hearts 4 not being a part of the event. Information about Square Enix’s collaboration with Fortnite and more details on Missing Link could arrive before the Kingdom Hearts 4 announcement according to them. At the moment, it is believed that Square Enix might expand upon their upcoming RPG, Octopath Traveler II at the event. Players are also suspecting that Final Fantasy 16 might get a multiplatform announcement for Xbox consoles too. Regardless, we will have to wait till the Xbox Showcase to know for sure. 

What games do you think Square Enix might have to showcase at the Xbox event? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. It should be Kingdom Hearts 4 of all the times to fumble of course Square does now

  2. Midori said FF9 won’t have an update this month so my guess is just third party releases nothing new do just another L for Square and Xbox. Now is the time for KH4 to get its rollout started unless it’s a 2028 game if it comes out next year it will fail because bad promotion and GTA6.

  3. Will any other third party be there to debut games EA, Sega, Bandai Namco, Capcom, WB, 2K, anything that’s not an annual sports title.

    1. It seems like another L year maybe 2025 is an improvement but things don’t look great right now. Xbox has a chance to win this but they always fumble so no trust in them and PlayStation I don’t know what they’ll do. Nintendo has already said their June show won’t be massive and the next console is delayed to 2025.

  4. That’s nice. I’ll be watching everything through developers official channels the next day. Nepo Baby doesn’t need any money.

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