Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Will Seemingly Have a Split-screen Option

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero might include split-screen multiplayer for up to 2 players. 

According to the latest revelation, Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero might just be the true Budokai Tenkaichi successor we have been waiting for. Discovered through the PlayStation Store listing for the game, it has been found that 2 types of multiplayer experiences will be offered to players, online and offline.

Both multiplayer modes will allow up to 2 players. The offline mode might offer a split-screen option, similar to what we’ve seen in the previous titles. It is worth noting that this could be a mistake on their end, but we hope it’s not. 

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero was revealed at The Game Awards 2023. The devs promised to provide players with an improvement on the iconic gameplay of the iconic Budokai Tenkaichi series while adding new characters and maps to the roster. Moreover, the game involved fast-paced battles, featuring the narrative and characters from the late Akira Toriyama’s iconic anime series.

From the already-released gameplay trailer, it has become clear that the combat mechanics, visuals and authenticity of Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero have greatly increased. 

Since then, we have received a few trailers on the game, showcasing the diverse characters and unique movesets we can expect to see. Most recently, Bandai Namco released the Fused Warriors Trailer, which included characters like Gogeta, Vegito, Gotenks, Kefla and Fused Zamasu. Furthermore, a recent leak revealed the Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero might have an Ultimate Edition. with more details about pre-orders and release date arriving at Summer Game Fest 2024. 

How do you feel about Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero adding a split-screen mode? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Awesome! Maximillian Dood wants this game to do bad he was spreading lies on his stream that their would be no 2 player. The guy is a scumbag Bandai needs to stop working with him Square too he spreads too many lies to further his agenda. Glad to see he was proven wrong however this roster us still waay too lite needs a lot more characters even pre-DLC.

  2. Hope the online has the option for local you need split screen but online I would rather just have my screen. Any updates in the Bandai Arc System game or Jump Force 2?

  3. Ok will Bandai reveal anything else? Like the next Arc System game and Jump Force 2?

  4. Will Bandai reveal the Jump crossover game? The last 2 rumors that were put out were Jump Cross Burst by Ganbarion and Jump Stars Ultimax by CyberConnect2. Also curious if Arc System Works is making a My Hero Academia game since something is being teased for Anime Expo.

  5. My biggest gripe with this is how it’s just Super characters that continuity just sucks. I wish we could get remakes of Budokai Tenkaichi 2 the best Dragon Ball game and Tenkaichi 3 just for the roster. So far this game hasn’t had any surprise reveals since it’s the Super continuity that cuts out the anime arc exclusive characters like Garlic Jr. and the movie characters like Janemba. Would have loved to see more of the undubbed stuff finally dubbed here like the Tarble movie and Hatchiyak also wish they would have gotten the OG Kid Goku/Kid Gohan actress back for the dub or someone who sounds like her because the new voice sucks soo much even the new Bulma voice bothers me. I saw 2 sword Trunks are here the DBZ version and the DBS version there really is no point to that it also makes me wish we got Trunks in his SSJ3 form the card game exclusive, Vegeta SSJ3 from Raging Blast, Bardock SSJ, Chilled, the characters and transformations we wished were in Dragon Ball games but never were. That’s the other problem the Bardock everyone loved is non-canon to Super since the new Broly movie undoes that character and it takes away from the possibility that Bardock went Super Saiyan. One of the best game exclusive stories from Burst Limit when Bardock meets Goku for the first time and is so proud🥲. The world tournament stage also looks weird the stage itself looks like it’s covered in moss or something it’s not supposed to look so dark and old. If this sells well but people don’t come back for DLC I hope it means we get a proper Tenkaichi 4 no Super garbage.

  6. Where’s the Jump crossover game? Been over 6 years since Jump Force the wait for Jump Force from J Stars wasn’t this long!

  7. “Thanks for the invite. I hope for you to keep your word on publishing my info.”

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