Concord Will Need a PSN Account on Steam and Epic

concord tototo

Weeks ago, players were left stewing in their disappointment when a Sony-backed update to Helldivers 2 made it mandatory to link a PSN account to a Steam profile to play the game online. It was met with rampant resistance from the global gaming community, and within a matter of hours, a quarter of a million negative reviews for Helldivers 2 had surfaced on Steam.

The decision was ultimately reversed, but that wasn’t – and isn’t – the end of the story. Recently, it was found that Concord, an upcoming team-based first-person shooter, will also require a PSN account to be linked on Steam and the Epic Games Store before users can jump in online.

But What’s The Big Deal?

A report published by Dealabs’ billbil-kun confirmed through an investigation that Concord will need a PSN account to be played online – even if you’re playing it on Steam or through the Epic Games Store. This is a big deal because the PlayStation Network isn’t available in a whopping 177 countries worldwide, thus wiping out a huge portion of the global gaming market.

It’s shooting Concord in the foot before it has been released, and the immediate response to the newly revealed game wasn’t that strong in the first place.

From the moment Concord was revealed at the recent State of Play showcase, the community started labelling it a ‘poor man’s Overwatch’. It certainly smacks of Blizzard’s hero-based FPS, and there are elements of Guardians of the Galaxy mixed in there too. It’s the debut title from Firewalk Studios and it has been in development for quite some time, but the reveal wasn’t what users expected.

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