Square Enix Games Will be Multiplatform Moving Forward

Square Enix canceled games loses

Square Enix has announced in its financial earnings call that it will be releasing its games as multiplatform moving forward rather than releasing exclusively on one console.

The move to multiplatform is a part of Enix’ new strategy, which states, “the Group will aggressively pursue a multiplatform strategy that includes Nintendo platforms, PlayStation, Xbox, and PCs. Especially in regards to major franchises and AAA titles, including catalog titles, it will build an environment where more customers can enjoy our titles.”

Under the same changes to strategy, also outlined is the publisher’s shift from “quantity to quality”.

“The Group will pursue a shift from quantity to quality as its medium- to long-term philosophy regarding the DE segment’s portfolio. To that end, it will first work to establish the optimal portfolio, striking a balance between a “product-out” approach that reflects the imaginations of its employees to the utmost, and a “market-in” approach that leverages customers’ voices and data to inform development efforts. It will strive for a regular launch cadence, focusing its development efforts and investments on titles with substantial potential to be loved by customers for years.”

The change in strategy has already seen several of its games canceled, which did not align with Square Enix’s new approach.

As the industry continues to consolidate and games become increasingly expensive, it isn’t hard to see why Square Enix would like to broaden the number of platforms it releases its games on. With consoles like the Nintendo Switch 2 expected to launch in Spring 2025, too, it isn’t difficult to see where Square is going with its new strategy—and it’s a strategy that is likely to be followed across the industry.

What do you think of Square Enix’s new strategy? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. This won’t help their games don’t appeal to a large audience. Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest are already multiplatform but Kingdom Hearts has a lot of damage control to do and the wait may have killed the hype for that game. Dragon Quest is great but not a mainstream title outside Japan sadly. I don’t see how those AAA titles will help and they already confirmed Final Fantasy 7 Part 3 is locked in for PlayStation so I don’t know how they back out of that deal also I think they still have the separate Epic Game Store exclusivity deal too there’s really nothing they can do now it’s too late. What did they cancel?

  2. None of the Square franchises appeal to an audience that wide you would think they would get this by now? The only thing that could help is Sleeping Dogs like a proper sequel by the original team keeping the same grit the original had no woke bs. The biggest thing would be Triad Wars have this do well and Triad Wars would be their GTA Online cash cow especially if GTA 6 isn’t what most want. Problem is that game would take too long to develop.

  3. What about FF7R3? They confirmed that’s still PS exclusive like last year I think.

  4. They said before hand FF7 remake trilogy would all be timed on PS so is that still the case? Is the next game cancelled? Is it no longer exclusive? They need to stop being so vague.

    1. I personally think it’s about dam time. I love square enix games but it’s frustrating that they and many other big names only release their games for one platform. When surprise they could be making a lot more money and gaining new fans by releasing their games on multiple platforms at once. They honestly should have done this years ago.

      1. It won’t fix anything the release other games multiplatform it doesn’t help and they still have to honor contracts with both PlayStation and Epic Games Store. Sony would easily just pay them off to keep games exclusive in terms of Final Fantasy. Only Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts will be released multiplatform this generation for AAA titles.

  5. Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest are the next bigger releases and those are both multiplatform already and it won’t help them. The smaller titles and remasters are multiplatform and they still lose money somehow? They did this to themselves with Final Fantasy they should have just doubled on Kingdom Hearts while the hype was there if there were more Kingdom Hearts games like prequels and stuff it would be great especially if they had some Switch games but instead they made a Final Fantasy redo game series that most people hate except the zealots and the weird Final Fantasy game that is banned in some countries because its gay scenes and too violent. Then there’s Forespoken which was expensive trash that flopped and took forever to release a game no one wanted, Valkyrie a game they didn’t promote, NEO a game they hurt by just making it trash with mistranslation and that was multiplatform too, Babylon’s Fall no one wanted it, Live A Live somehow too expensive? Stranger In Paradise a mess of a game, so no wonder they have this problem. Yes woke is a huge problem for them but it’s worse when these franchises don’t click with a younger audience it’s only a bunch of weird millennial boomer zealots who defend this shit. Even the old NES crowd I see don’t like modern Square they turned away everyone. Maybe if they remake 15 they could make money since it’s the best selling game in the franchise like just make Versus 13 instead and make that multiplatform let Nomura make his dream game happen his audience when it’s his creation 100% they show up.

  6. They have no console games announced for the rest of 2024 or for 2025. Dragon Quest XII is in development hell according to reports, Kingdom Hearts mobile game is also suffering a ton from reports of its development so you could only imagine how bad the development of Kingdom Hearts IV is when there’s no gameplay of it and it’s in Unreal 5 the first Square game to use it so imagine how bad that’s going to be. My guess is they thought Final Fantasy would sell better but it didn’t they listened to stupid boomer influencers and screed themselves. There’s no way out unless some of the remasters and other games some how well amazingly. It’s weird Final Fantasy VII R word part 3 is like 4 years away from release but they have an update for that but nothing for the rest of this year or next.

  7. They already do that and it still does bad. Is FF7 coming to other consoles because I thought they had serious contracts with that game for exclusivity on all 3 remakes.

  8. Nintendo needs to buy Square Enix then just have them make smaller titles like Dragon Quest, Mana, smaller level Final Fantasy games, maybe work with Monolith Soft, another Super Mario RPG, a proper Chrono Trigger remake like Dragon Quest XI, and maybe 1 big AAA game like a Kingdom Hearts/Nomura piece.

  9. They can’t fix this it’s too late the damage was done. I would say sell the company now talk to Nintendo and sell them jumpstart Xenogears remake and Super Mario RPG 2 also finally add Geno and Mallow to Smash.

    1. Yes!!! Please I hope Nintendo buys them just turn them into a JRPG company and make 1 or 2 big AAA games per gen. I’m fine with them being Nintendo exclusive again.

  10. Square should have made more Kingdom Hearts games, Verum Rex, and let Nomura make Versus XIII. Also they could have spaced those out and made anime games based on their properties in manga look how well anime games do for Bandai and the Square games could be darker Soul Eater, Full Metal Alchemist, Goblin Slayer, Daemons Of The Shadow Realm, maybe get Kodansha to give them licenses too and the mobile game stuff from those would have done well too.

  11. The problem is people told you not to do this but you ignored them and doubled. If Square was to just make smaller games and the occasional AAA game they would be fine but no they wasted money on trash like FF16 and FF7R not to mention the overseas restrictions because Forespoken I think was banned in some countries and so was FF16 not to mention all gaming companies and companies in general lost business from Russia because of the whole unnecessary war bias.

  12. The idiots and influencers are still coping just look at maximilian dood or yongyea these guys are playing stupid to the industry changes and pretend the games do well it’s crazy the cope is real these weirdo millennial california leftists are the problem companies need to stop listening to them and stop paying them for promotion. Max is pretending rebirth did well even though they said it’s not performing well and that everyone loves it even though it’s not true. Hopefully everyone realizes these influencers just have massive hubris and don’t really know what’s going on they’re going crazy.

    1. Just saw he lied through his teeth and sounded super desperate they said they’re downsizing on AAA games he says no they’re not, they openly said 7 and 16 underperformed he claims otherwise, he’s a massive liar trying to cope. It’s sad he’s 45 years old acting like this he even ignores it when comparing Bandai Namco struggles he gas to struggle to cope linking all the woes in the world to his matrix California liberal boomer mentality it’s just sad but also why we shouldn’t have to share a country with him or his kind. Yong is the same he just pretends this is greed, if you hate these companies then don’t support them? Max supported Activision after rape allegations, he supported Netherrealm, PlayStation, the guy still has a Twitter account even though he bitches about Elon Musk. These people are a cancer on society if you hate money and capitalism then live in a commune instead of making money on the internet.

  13. Square claims no big titles are coming in the next couple years yet insiders have claimed Kingdom Hearts 4 is a 2025 or 2026 title so do they consider it a failure ahead of time or is it further away from release?

  14. The ceo admits 16 and rebirth underperformed will the squeenix fanboys and ponies finally accept it now

  15. All these companies listened to an echo chamber of millennial california idiots and blind fanboys for years that lead to all this destruction I’m surprised stock hasn’t crashed

  16. Just bring Sleeping Dogs back and instead of the 40 something year old clown fanboys pay better influencers to play the game like Kai Cenat, Adin Ross, Fanum, Flight Reacts, Agent00, Duke Dennis, IShowSpeed, Faze Max, and Faze Rage and have a great online mode to rival GTA but more brutal and grounded like the original Sleeping Dogs also spend on the music let them get away with the music on stream.

  17. Here’s all they need double down on Kingdom Hearts make games on the Switch prequels, midquels, make an anime and 100% an MMO. Next Sleeping Dogs bring that team back and make a proper sequel with online just keep support for the online after. Then the other stuff Dragon Quest and Mana keep them as is affordable to make a Dragon Quest MMO would be cool too and that Dark Prince game has potential. The only Final Fantasy game to make is Versus XIII.

  18. Now would be the time to show Kingdom Hearts 4 if it’s a 2025 game. This confirms bad leadership or it’s not coming out in a few years. It shows that they bet on 7 and lost. Best option now if that last one is the answer is sell the company.

  19. The stock has to flatline for them to learn I guess. Next time don’t bank on Final Fantasy from these new people. Let Nomura make his games like Versus XIII and Verum Rex.

  20. If KH4 actually does well I hope they finally stop treating the franchise so bad and start making more games again like they did in the 2000’s also finally make Verum Rex.

    1. Yea they sideline the franchise for almost a decade then expect it to do well? 🤔 Not to mention 3 has a lot to make up for so 4 really has to be a 10/10 if not it won’t help them and expectations are high not to mention rumor was next year is the release they may want to start going crazy on promotion. If the game does as well as 3 sales wise or better I hope they finally go back to making multiple KH games per gen of course handheld too because those were my favorite. Would love a young Eraqus and Xehanort game or game set around the Foreteller’s students so much still needs to be explained and Sora still technically isn’t in Shibuya yet which we were promised and didn’t get in 3.

      1. We need a Keyblade Wars game but yes 4 really has to do a lot to win fans back and games can’t take as long it would be better to sideline FF if KH4 does extremely well.

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