Atomic Heart Dev Build Leaks Online, It’s Claimed

In a post on Reddit, it was revealed that some guy had leaked a dev build of Atomic Heart, posting the game’s files on a platform that’s known for the sharing of such content. There are just three days until the game launches in full on the 21st, but this potentially major leak could have profound implications for the developer, Mundfish.

This news comes following a series of less severe leaks, with players getting their hands on the game early in recent days and streaming it online. Last month, a gameplay leak uncovered more or less everything someone would need to know about Atomic Heart.

An Atomic Leak

It was stated on Reddit that the Atomic Heart dev build leak was dropped to a platform called Breached, but owing to the inherently unsafe nature of downloading said files, we’ve not corroborated the information at present.

However, this information goes hand-in-hand with claims that arose in November, suggesting that the game’s files were obtained by a third party, who was asking on Reddit what they should do with those files. Since then, the original post was deleted, and now, little more than three months later and days ahead of launch, there’s a chance that that individual has made good on those suggestions to leak the content.

As the launch of Atomic Heart grows ever closer, more gameplay is surfacing online. Despite a hefty development cycle powered by crunch culture (reportedly), it seems that holes were present along the way, giving rise to content pouring out ahead of the title hitting shelves around the world. Last month, 14 minutes of gameplay emerged online, and just days ago, a further five hours of content found its way onto social media.

Atomic Heart looks brilliant, taking the form of some twisted fusion of Fallout, BioShock, and Far Cry, pitting the player against an army of maniacal robots and synths in an environment straining under the weight of a terrifying AI uprising. It officially launches on February 21st on all platforms.

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