Atomic Heart Leak Reveals 14 Minutes of Gameplay

Atomic Heart is set to release on the 21st of February, and in what could be considered the final hour (kind of), fourteen minutes of gameplay has been leaked online in a video that the developer, Mundfish, is trying like hell to contain.

Eagle-eyed gamers have looked at comparisons between older footage and the leaked gameplay and they’re pleased to see that it looks considerably better in the newer content. For years, something of a trend in gaming has been developers launching a game in a poorer state than was shown in earlier trailers.

Atomic Heart, Human Error

There are so few projects immune to leaks these days, and Atomic Heart is no stranger to that fact. In the leaked gameplay breakdown, we can see a huge amount of content uncovered from within the game, which is set to release in just over a month.

We won’t share the video here as it’s being slammed by DMCA takedowns on a universal scale, but there are several snapshots of information that we’ll relay:

  • Atomic Heart’s open world looks fantastic, diverse, and ripe with opportunities to explore.
  • Enemies in Atomic Heart look equal parts terrifying and incredibly innovative and inventive.
  • Combat seems to take elements from BioShock and Far Cry, with the player utilising ranged and melee-based attacks just as much as ‘powers’ like telekinesis and lightning bolts.
  • There’s an AI system in the game that guides the player that is riddled with humorous sarcasm – as is the protagonist.
  • Everything looks fluid and seamless, from the movement mechanics to the driving.
  • There’s a story that, from what we’ve seen, is genuinely thought-provoking, and intriguing, and leaves you wanting more or to solve the next puzzle.

There’s an economy, a crafting system, quite advanced RPG elements, an interest looting system, and great voice acting throughout. Ultimately, it looks fantastic.

With a month left to go before Atomic Heart launches, the fourteen-minute leak provides an extremely valuable insight into the game for anybody excited about it, but if you want to go in with an open mind and absolutely no spoilers, avoid the leak like the plague.

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