Atlus May Discuss Persona 3 Reload Switch Version

Persona 3 Reload Yukari Dialogue

According to a recent report from Atomix, Atlus appears open to discussing a potential Nintendo Switch port for Persona 3 Reload.

During an interview, Takuya Yamaguchi and Ryota Niitsuma made it clear there were no original plans for a Switch version.

However, they also said that “the idea is there, but it’s a matter of discussing it with the team”. This is a lot more optimistic than expected.

Persona 3 Reload, a reimagining of the classic RPG, was first announced last year. It will launch on February 2nd for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

The new Persona 3 Reload statements are relatively vague, but they do not rule out a future Switch port altogether. Instead, Yamaguchi and Niitsuma said “we’ll see what happens”.

This implies that Atlus could actually be planning a version for the Nintendo Switch 2. And for now, Atlus may simply be waiting for Nintendo to confirm the Switch 2 console first.

The new console would surely be able to support the game more effectively. This would allow for a smoother port.

The timing would also line up. There have been a variety of rumors about the Nintendo Switch 2 release window. Some of them pointed to a potential September release date.

Fans expect Nintendo to make an announcement about the Switch 2 sometime around March.

Also, a recent survey from GDC revealed that many developers are actively working on Nintendo Switch 2 titles.

Persona 3 Reload is currently available for pre-order. You can choose from Standard, Digital Deluxe, and Digital Premium Editions.

Atlus is doing well enough to raise employee salaries starting in April, so the Persona series has the potential to ramp up going forward.

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