Persona Developer Atlus To Raise Employee Salary

Persona Developer Atlus To Raise Employee Salary

While it seems that everything about the gaming industry is negative, there is some good news. Persona developer Atlus has announced that it’s raising the average annual salary of all employees by 15% starting in April 2024.

In addition, the company will raise the base salary of new graduates to the company by ¥300,000, which equates to just under $2,000.

“As a result of this revision, the starting salary for new graduates will increase from 257,000 yen to 300,000 yen, and the average annual salary for current employees will increase by 15 percent,” the company said via release. “Additionally, due to strong overseas business development, starting in fiscal 2021, we will be paying performance bonuses funded by worldwide profits.”

They continued: “In order to continue to deliver attractive gaming experiences to fans around the world, we believe that it is essential to create a comfortable working environment for each and every employee, and we are investing in various personnel measures, including reforms to our personnel system.”

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