Apex Legends Season 16 Event “Sun Squad” Starts March 28 With New Gamemode

new Apex Legends event

A brand new Apex Legends event is set to start at the end of March. Sources tell Insider Gaming that a new event for Season 16 called “Sun Squad” is on its way and is set to be Apex’s third collection event for the year.

According to sources, “Heatwave” is a new limited-time mode, where every so often a wave of ring heat hovers over the entire map. To survive, players will need to either head indoors for some shade or find “sunglasses”, that will negate damage from going outside in the blistering heat that drops from care packages.

Season 16 for Apex Legends will get underway shortly after the current season ends on February 14. So far, there have been 28 events in Apex Legends with the latest being the “Fight or Fright” event in October 2022.

What’s Coming In The Next Season?

As far as what’s to come in Season 16, nothing has been announced by EA just yet. However, Insider Gaming was able to report earlier in January that Season 16 will be known as “Revelry”. Within the season, it’s expected that a new “Hardcore” game mode will also be released. That mode will see players only given white shields with a maximum damage zone.

Regarding the first event of the new season, that is expected to launch on March 7, 2023. The event will be called the “Imperial Guard Collection” and will include a rethemed Wraith heirloom.

Lastly, if you don’t recall, matchmaking is set to receive an overhaul as the developers are “retiring” the current skill-based matchmaking system in favor of a new one that “more accurately groups” players. There is no release scheduled for the new system, but it is currently in live testing ahead of the launch.

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