Call of Duty Nintendo Studio May Have Started Hiring

call of duty nintendo

Recently, job listings surfaced on the Infinity Ward website that point towards the new firm’s new studio in Austin, Texas finally being open for business. It was announced in late 2021 that Infinity Ward would be opening an office in the city, but until now, little information has been shared to further that news.

Now, almost two dozen job vacancies have been made available in the office, every single of them directly referencing the fact that it’s a new studio. There are high expectations that this could be an all-new studio geared towards bringing Call of Duty to Nintendo, acting on the pledge that was put in place in December 2022.

Why Could This Be a Nintendo Studio

Let’s be clear – there’s nothing concrete to confirm that this is a Nintendo-focused Call of Duty studio. However, there are several signs that could suggest that that’s the case.

Firstly, Nintendo superfan and YouTube, Doctre81, poked around on LinkedIn (which he’s apparently famous for) and uncovered information to fuel a claim that there are at least five ex-Nintendo employees currently staffing the office in Austin, Texas.

Furthermore, Doctre81 was quick to point out that close to the Austin, Texas office is Retro Studios, a Nintendo development partner that in the past has worked on the likes of Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, and Metroid Prime. Now, that geographical information means very little by itself, but it is a contributor to the possibility that this could be a new Nintendo-focused Call of Duty studio working in close proximity to an established one.

In the job listings, there’s everything needed to both port a game over to another platform and to create an entire title from scratch – which could be taken either way, to be honest. Up until now, there has been no indication that Infinity Ward or Activision will create an entirely new Call of Duty experience for Nintendo platforms.

In fact, the expectation is that existing Call of Duty titles will simply be reworked and brought over to the Nintendo Switch platform – or whatever comes next.

If there’s one interesting tidbit of information to pull out of these job listings, it’s that Infinity Ward is specifically looking for designers with the ability to work with both first- and third-person shooters. Of course, that’s basically a feature that Modern Warfare II offers, so who knows?

It’s a pinch of salt time – let’s see what happens when the vacancies are filled.

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