Alone in the Dark Needs To Be Played Twice For Full Completion

Alone in the Dark, the puzzling horror-themed reboot, will be released globally on March 20, following a delay that pushed it back from mid-January to allow for extra polishing. It’s an intriguing title that features the acting talents of David Harbour (Stranger Things) and Jodie Comer (Free Guy, Killing Eve), and by all accounts, it looks pretty darn good.

Recently, it was revealed that to get the full depth of the story – which is packed with mysteries, twists, and turns – you’ll need to play the game twice. That’s once as David Harbour’s character, a gruff private investigator named Edward, and once as Jodie Comer’s character, a more polite, quietly-spoken woman named Emily.

It’ll Feel Familiar

By way of a comparison, it’s a solid thing to say that Alone in the Dark feels similar to Resident Evil 2. In that game, you can play as either Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield, and each character has unique abilities, unlocks, and even paths that they take through the game. That’s the same thing with Alone in the Dark, which will see players get a different experience depending on the character they pick.

That’ll take the eight hours or so that it takes to complete the game to around 14 or 16 hours in total. It’s a clever tactic to ensure replayability.

I’ve been playing Alone in the Dark as part of an exclusive preview and can confirm good things about the game. It has solid acting and sumptuous visuals, and the atmosphere created by the world-building and the soundtrack is brilliant. I’ll have a full review written up before the game comes out, in case you’re interested in learning about Alone in the Dark before you decide to buy it.

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  1. reason why I always enjoyed alone in the dark and especially the PS1 version (New nightmare) was that their stories were completely different, yes you met in key parts but you explored it completely different and entered different sections. I thought that was the last proper Alone in the dark we’ve gotten.. I hope that now with this remake they’ll keep that in tact, not just perspective switch and go through it with little dialogue changes, I hope its a unique story but told from either Edward or Emily.

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