All Assault Rifles From Modern Warfare 2 (2009)

The Assault Rifle class from the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 remains a solid go-to in online multiplayer, provided you can still find a good match. Call it nostalgia but this OG Modern Warfare sequel was, and still is, as impactful today as it was back in its 2009 launch. There was something for everyone in this class, be it full-auto, semi-automatic, or burst fire. In this list we’re compiling all assault rifles from Modern Warfare 2 (2009). 

1. ACR

The ACR is unlocked in the later stages of online progression at Level 48. Initially, it may seem like no big deal. Its default iron sight can appear obstructive for some, its damage output isn’t terribly powerful without the Stopping Power perk, and has an average rate of fire. However, veteran players will recall the ACR’s distinct feature of its legendary accuracy. It’s expected that holding down the trigger will guarantee a kill easily. Sure, you’ll burn through your ammo reserves easily, but that’s where the Scavenger perk comes in. Of all assault rifles from Modern Warfare 2, the ACR is among the top-tier. 

2. AK-47

The AK-47 is practically synonymous with the Call of Duty franchise. Depending on the era of the game, chances are you’ll find the AK, or a close equivalent. In MW2 (2009), this assault rifle is the last weapon to unlock in its class. The AK-47’s rate of fire is among its drawbacks but its damage output is among the highest in the game. Paired with Stopping Power, the AK-47 is ridiculously powerful. Its default iron sight is unobstructive. While not necessary, attaching a holographic site will essentially give the AK-47 the FMJ perk for free. The AK-47 is a beast and one of the best assault rifles from Modern Warfare 2.

3. F2000

The F2000 is usually regarded as the least popular assault rifle in its class. To be clear, the original MW2’s time-to-kill is very generous. Many weapons in the game, including assault rifles, can fell an opponent within three shots on average. The F2000 has one of the lowest damage outputs in its category. In core play, it benefits greatly from having Stopping Power equipped. A redeeming quality the F2000 possesses is its rate of fire which is the highest in its class. Be warned, though, as the F2000 has a lot of recoil and will kick harshly the longer the trigger is held. Still, it can be a good time to equip for those, “just for fun” moments. 

4. FAL

In retrospect, the FAL is the only semi-automatic assault rifle from the original Modern Warfare 2. Coincidentally, it also has the highest damage output of any other assault rifle in the game. Its default iron sight can get some getting used to but pairs nicely with a holographic site. Due to its semi-auto fire, its output is entirely player dependent. However, the FAL can easily hold its own mid to long range. To close the gap, it doesn’t hurt to benefit from a grenade launcher (don’t get mad) or mounted shotgun for those close range encounters. It’s also got one of the coolest reload animations of all assault rifles from Modern Warfare 2.

Best Assault Rifles from Modern Warfare 2


There’s nothing quite as satisfying as landing a one 3-shot burst kill on an opponent with the FAMAS. It’s available early on once create-a-class unlocks. Compared with the M16A4, the FAMAS has a tendency to drift slightly during its bursts. Because of its open iron sight, the FAMAS would benefit nicely from attachments such as a silencer for more tactical players, FMJ benefits greatly for added bullet penetration through cover, or grenade launcher. The Scavenger perk doesn’t hurt as the FAMAS can have a tendency to burn through ammo reserves quickly.

Best Assault Rifles from Modern Warfare 2

6. M16A4

Another assault rifle with a three-round burst fire, the M16A4 can be a nightmare for other players when put in the right hands. While it does have a medium rate of fire, the damage output of the M16A4 is not to be trifled with. Pairing the rifle with a holographic sight tightens its recoil incredibly well. This attachment is next to mandatory all things considered. Tacking on the Stopping Power perk makes the weapon almost unfairly overpowered. The M16A4 is easily one of the best assault rifles from Modern Warfare 2.

Best Assault Rifles from Modern Warfare 2

7. M4A1

Like the FAMAS, the M4A1 is available at level 4 once create-a-class is unlocked by the player. Damage output is not the greatest in class. In fact, the M4A1 sits just above the F2000 as one of the lowest damage inflicting weapons. However, this rifle makes up for that shortcoming by having the second highest rate of fire in the assault rifle class. The iron sights aren’t terribly obtrusive, though it’s a good thing that the M4A1 has some good accuracy. Reload time is also decent. The M4A1 is absolutely versatile depending on one’s playstyle, and no wonder why it’s available so early on.


In core game modes, the SCAR-H is a beast of an assault rifle, especially when paired with the Stopping Power perk. What’s more is that it has, arguably, the best and most clear iron sights of any assault rifle. In addition, minimal recoil control and great accuracy makes the SCAR-H easy to control. For all it gets right, the rifle’s greatest flaw is its ammo capacity at 20 rounds per magazine. Another setback is that the SCAR-H holds an additional 40 rounds in reserve. Ammo will deplete fast. Prioritize reload canceling, consider throwing in Scavenger and Extended Mags and the SCAR-H can be one of the best assault rifles from Modern Warfare 2.

Best Assault Rifles from Modern Warfare 2

9. TAR-21

Finally, the TAR-21 brings this list to a close. This assault rifle has good base damage without the Stopping Power perk. The TAR-21’s rate of fire is faster than that of the SCAR-H and AK-47 and about on par with the ACR. In terms of its iron sights, the TAR-21 will take some getting used to and equipping a red dot sight will give the rifle a MARS sight instead. Like the M4A1, this assault rifle can act as a jack of all trades by complimenting diverse playstyles. It’s an excellent choice for close range firefights as its recoil will require a practiced trigger finger. The TAR-21 is one of the best assault rifles from Modern Warfare 2.

Of the nine assault rifles from the OG Modern Warfare 2, which is your favorite? Are you still playing the game years after its 2009 launch? Let us know in the comments below!