5 Best Modern Warfare 2 Maps (For COD MWIII)

best modern warfare 2 maps

It has been revealed that Modern Warfare III (2023) will be released with the entire core line-up of maps from Modern Warfare 2 (2009). It was a monumental piece of news for fans the world over, as it meant that a major trip down memory lane would be in store. In 2009’s Call of Duty title, some of the greatest maps ever surfaced into the wide, open world. In this list, we’re breaking down the five best Modern Warfare 2 maps that will be featured in MWIII.

What Are The Best Modern Warfare 2 Maps in MWIII?

There are sixteen maps confirmed to be in Modern Warfare III – each of them an iconic and instantly recognisable map from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2. But which among them is the best? We’ve broken down our top five:


best modern warfare 2 maps  highrise

Highrise is an incredible map and one of the most preferred environments for any budding sniper looking to snap some easy clips. With a traditional three-lane layout that features a decent amount of verticality, Highrise is an easy-to-navigate but difficult-to-master map that lends itself to handy spawn traps, long lines of sight, and some clever trickshots.


best modern warfare 2 maps favela

Favela is a complicated map to get to grips with, boasting tight alleyways, plenty of windows to hide in, and a jagged run of rooftops that make gaining the high ground a constant battle. It’s a diverse map that’s daunting for newcomers and an absolute playground for veterans – which will be a huge advantage for the old-school players diving into Modern Warfare III.


best modern warfare 2 maps rust

Rust is to Call of Duty as peanut butter is to jelly – it’s a pairing that has existed for years, and fans know and love this small-form, hectic map better than they do the streets that surround their homes. It’s making a grand return in Modern Warfare III, and as one of the best Modern Warfare 2 maps to ever exist, it’s sure to take pride of place in rotations for months to come.


best modern warfare 2 maps karachi

Karachi was one of the best Modern Warfare 2 maps when it came to objective-based modes, specifically Search and Destroy. It was a bit broader than most Modern Warfare 2 maps – and a little more complex when it came to navigating it – but that just meant that there were more ways to approach objectives in each given round.


best modern warfare 2 maps wasteland

Wasteland was one of the most unique Modern Warfare 2 maps – a barren, open environment encircled by a deadly ring of radiation that really only had one zone of contention, and that was a small bunker at the centre of the map. It was a haven for snipers and noob-tubers, and it basically became impossible to take cover from AC-130s, chopper gunners, or Harrier strikes.

What do you think? Are these the best Modern Warfare 2 maps, or are there even better ones out there? Let us know in the comments.