Activision Files Patent For ‘Never-Ending’ Multiplayer Mode

It has been revealed that Activision published a patent at the start of 2023 that described an ‘unbounded gameplay session’, or a game mode that quite simply would never end. In the lengthy and somewhat complex patent document, it was revealed that the company plans to create ‘a system and method (is) provided for continuous gameplay in a multiplayer video game through an unbounded gameplay session’.

Put simply, it’s a multiplayer mode that would see a single match remain active indefinitely, provided at least one player is in the game. It would ‘run continuously until all players have exited the unbounded gameplay session’.

Could we be about to see a 24/7/365 mode for Shipment in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II?

All The Action, All The Time

Of course, that’s a massive leap, but it’s one way of highlighting how the technology could be used. It could power a never-ending, ever-circulating battle royale, with players constantly dropping into the map, being killed, and starting over again. It wouldn’t be a battle royale as such, because the last player left alive wouldn’t win, they’d simply keep the game open, but you get the picture.

This patent was uncovered by, and upon checking the document, it becomes clear that this technology has been in development for some time, as the patent itself was applied for back in July 2022, but references to the technology can be traced back to 2015. It’s quite a comprehensive read, with the document outlining the background of the ‘invention’, all technical information, diagrams, and case studies.

It’s a typical patent application, but for those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s a long and relatively boring read.

In essence, the concept of the ‘UGS’ (Unbounded Gameplay Session) differs from an MMO, which is a permanent, persistent instance, because it can ultimately terminate if the last player leaves the game.

There’s no real information on just how this technology could be implemented by Activision or by one of its associated studios. There are references made to matchmaking algorithms, auto-balancing mechanics, loadout features, and scoring elements that all point to the UGS concept being deployed in – most likely – a Call of Duty setting, but that’s total conjecture at this point.

As we probe further, we see associated patents from Activision, such as:

  • Systems and methods for initiating conversion between bounded gameplay sessions and unbounded gameplay sessions (applied for in 2019).
  • System and method for providing continuous gameplay in a multiplayer video game through an unbounded gameplay session (applied for in 2015).

This has been in the works for eight years – who knows how or when Activision will apply the technology?

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  1. So basically P2P multiplayer? Lol
    Also, they’d save so much money not having to run studio dedis for the game.

  2. They have already been implemented this back in the earls days of WoW PVP with a battleground called Alterac Valley.

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