Sony Cuts PSVR2 Production Amid Pre-Order Disappointment


It has been revealed that Sony Group Corp. has slashed production of the PSVR2 by around half, re-adjusting its perspective on launch projections based on what is reportedly a disappointing number of pre-orders.

According to a report published by Bloomberg, Sony endeavoured to have around two million PSVR2 units ready to ship throughout the launch quarter, but apparently, owing to what seems like a lack of interest in the pricey peripheral, that number has now been cut down to around one million.

Is It Just Too Expensive and Too Immature?

In the article written up by Bloomberg, a ‘supply partner’ was allegedly informed by Sony that there would be a dramatically reduced number of orders where certain display panels were concerned. It has been suggested that, in the space of a year, Sony expects to ship around 1.5 million PSVR2 units, which is a huge downfall from earlier projections.

This news has encouraged critics and fans alike to erupt in voracious debates online, and it’s the usual reasoning that seems to be cropping up over social media. For the most part, VR is still for the enthusiast, and the huge barrier that is presented in the form of a massive price tag is still unrealistic for some.

For those wanting to ‘dip their toe’ in the waters of VR, the asking price of $599 / £529 is simply too daunting, especially in the current economical climate.

In terms of the state of the market, Sony’s PSVR peripheral reportedly holds just a 1% share of the market overall, being comprehensively dominated by Meta’s Quest range, which boasts an overwhelming majority of control of the market at around 85%.

There’s a general scaling back on the production of VR-based peripherals across the industry, and owing to many layoffs across the market as a whole, associated teams are feeling the pressure. In a statement indicative of the future, the Co-Founder of Japan’s ‘Display Supply Chain Consultants’ firm, Yoshio Tamura, said:

The VR era will come, we’re just not there yet.

Recently, we covered the entire launch line-up for PSVR2, which consists of more than a dozen games, all releasing on the 22nd of February alongside the device. Are any of these games enough to help shore up failing pre-order figures?

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  1. This is coming from Takashi Mochizuki, who is conveniently also behind the original number of 2 million. They have also pulled numbers out of their ass before (remember the PS5 launch number debacle where Sony even denied the claims). I personally wouldn’t really trust this.

  2. Hey Sony! We Need Half Life Alyx! This is the the system seller, especially if you can get valve to throw in a few upgrades to take full advantage of the tech.

  3. Might want to write a retraction as this had been debunked by Sony. I guess anyone can get a writing job these days.

  4. This article is missing the huge essential point that it is only available DIRECT from Sony. You can’t get it at Walmart, GameStop, best buy, amazon. What is Sony thinking?! I was going to wait to buy it in person because I don’t want something like that shipped.

  5. This post from Bloomberg has been verified as fake. Remove or reword your post and do lot research before spreading false information.

  6. Just saying this without being argumentative. Sony has stated that Bloomberg is wrong. I’d love to see verified internal memos, emails, etc

  7. If sony wants to sell alot of PSVR2 headsets, it will need to acquire Half Life Alyx, Grand Theft Auto 5 VR, Call of Duty VR and a whole lot of triple A games from the ground up in VR

  8. I also think the time is a little to late I my self would have bought a psVR2 and its console if I had not already bought a PC and a meta quest 2 to go with it I have always played play station and the original VR was awesome for it’s time and all put u never really got in to it because it is as so low resolution now I just don’t have the money would have loved if it came out before meta
    Always played play station I own PS4 ,PS3 and PS2 still with I think all the components in working order

  9. This is false. It’s been proven false. That journalist is getting dragged through the mud now and useless websites like this are being pointed out for how obviously useless they are. Even in gaming we have false sensationalization for clicks.

    Be better.

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