5 X-Men That Deserve Their Own Game

x men

Ever considered what a video game starring someone other than Wolverine might be like? Personally, it’s a notion that occupies my mind constantly. When executed thoughtfully, such games have the potential to inject innovation into the gaming scene, offering players refreshing content.

The vast array of X-Men characters allows for exploration across numerous genres, providing gamers with a diverse selection to choose from. Not every X-Men game has to be a crazy beat-em-up, and some mutants could make for great and unique entries.


Storm’s potential for a standalone game is undeniable. Picture this: an expansive open-world action game set against the breathtaking backdrop of Africa, a landscape mirroring Storm’s roots. In this dynamic gaming experience, you wield the very elements themselves. Imagine conjuring winds, summoning lightning, and triggering blizzards at your command.

Her move set would stand apart from conventional games, offering players the ability to control multiple aspects of the weather simultaneously. What happens when you cause it to rain on an enemy and then hit it with a bolt of lightning?

This unprecedented power not only grants you an arsenal of destructive forces but also allows for strategic and creative gameplay, ensuring that whoever crosses your path faces the full force of nature under your control.


Nightcrawler is often overlooked and deserves the spotlight, and a game featuring the blue elf could be nothing short of monumental if executed with finesse. Need convincing? Just recall the opening scene of X2: X-Men United and picture yourself in Nightcrawler’s shoes, teleporting effortlessly from foe to foe, dispatching them with the precision of his pointed tail.

Kurt Wagner has a story to tell, marked by encounters with pitchfork-wielding villagers, a journey of self-discovery, and the enigma of his scars. Envision a stealth-based game that seamlessly blends offence with cunning strategy. Embarking from his homeland, Bavaria, Germany, this game could unravel Nightcrawler’s mysterious origins in a well-deserved solo outing.


In the expansive realm of the X-Men, few mutants possess the unique combination of strength, vulnerability, and absorbing abilities quite like Rogue. With a compelling backstory and an array of powers that make her a force to be reckoned with, Rogue stands as a prime candidate for her very own solo video game. Rogue’s mutant ability to absorb the powers, memories, and even the life force of those she touches introduces a captivating dynamic to the gameplay.

Imagine a gaming experience where players strategically choose which abilities to absorb, each decision shaping Rogue’s journey and altering the course of the narrative. Her game could be slower-paced, with more focus on the narrative and emotional impact, while still having some fun action sequences.

Rogue’s struggles with her powers and the consequences of her touch offer a rich emotional landscape for storytelling. A solo game could delve into her journey of self-discovery, addressing themes of acceptance, identity, and the constant internal conflict she faces due to her abilities. Rogue cannot


In the vast universe of the X-Men, one mutant often stands out for his charisma, unique powers, and enigmatic past—Gambit. The kinetic energy-wielding Cajun has long been a fan favourite, and the prospect of a solo video game featuring the smooth-talking mutant is nothing short of amazing. With the stealth and thievery Remy Lebeau offers, matched with the ability to set anything you touch to violently explode, how could you go wrong?

This game could be a darker crime-centric thriller. Perhaps taking place in the Thieves Guild of New Orleans, where young Gambit learns his skills, we could see a unique take on his origins. Being tasked with high-profile robberies that you must complete without being caught; you could use Gambit’s acrobatics to showcase his ability to stay in the shadows and steal just about anything.


Illyana Rasputin, AKA Magik has some pretty action-heavy themes to her story already. Magik’s mutant ability to teleport through the demonic dimension of Limbo, coupled with her exceptional swordsmanship skills, presents an exciting foundation for gameplay.

A video game could seamlessly integrate teleportation and sword combat, offering players a visually captivating experience. Think Doom 2016 with fast-paced action, as Magik frenetically uses her abilities to escape Limbo. Mephisto could be the big bad, sending leagues of demons after you as you use your soul sword to decimate your foes.

What other X-Men do you think deserve their own video game? What kind of game would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!