5 Games Like Black Myth: Wukong

Ever since FromSoftware pioneered the Soulslike genre, many developers have promised that their games will take it to the next level. More often than not these statements have come out hollow, but with Game Science’s upcoming action role-playing game Black Myth: Wukong, you can tell it actually possesses the potential to do just that.

We’re still many months out from Black Myth: Wukong’s release date. If you’re looking forward to it, you’ll undoubtedly be fidgeting in anticipation. This article acknowledges the feeling and features the top games like Black Myth: Wukong you should play while you wait.

Games Like Black Myth: Wukong

With the action RPG genre being one of the biggest, there are certainly hundreds of spectacular games similar to Black Myth: Wukong out there. That said, this list only mentions some of them, so if you happen to have any stellar recommendations not mentioned here, leave a comment telling everyone what they are.

5. Naraka: Bladepoint

Naraka: Bladepoint

If you don’t mind live-service elements and a battle royale mode, Naraka: Bladepoint is the best free-to-play option in the games like Black Myth: Wukong category. Naraka: Bladepoint pits players in death matches where the only means of survival are your martial arts skills, ranged weapons, and supernatural abilities. It heavily relies on traversal during gameplay and is quite snappy. Some solo campaign modes are available too but the battle royale mode is inarguably Naraka: Bladepoint’s highlight. 

Naraka: Bladepoint might not be the best alternative to Black Myth: Wukong because of its lack of a strong single-player narrative, but it has addictive combat and should hook you in for a few days at the very least.

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4. Sifu


Another stellar game you can pick up is Sifu. Like Black Myth: Wukong, Sifu has a Chinese setting too, albeit it’s modern-day China instead of fairy tail China. That said, Sifu has just as much action, detail, and difficulty to it as Black Myth.

While its scope is far narrower than that of Black Myth, Sifu is packed with fantastic fights, maps, and plenty of enemy types. It constantly pushes you forward and you’re always learning new moves in order to become the youngest Chinese martial arts grandmaster on your path of vengeance against those who killed your father. 

Sifu has tons of RPG mechanics like a combo system, character customization, and optional story objectives. It’s a complex and difficult game that only gets more challenging with every mission. Sifu’s one of the best games like Black Myth: Wukong to come out in recent memory and you shouldn’t make the mistake of sleeping on it.

3. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Like Wukong, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a fast-paced action RPG set in ancient China. You can tell that Wo Long is inspired by the Soulslike genre, however, there is more emphasis on deflection rather than dodging. 

Enemy variety isn’t exactly noteworthy, but a narrative centered on a Han Dynasty plagued by demons, the moment-to-moment action, and some epic boss battles worth remembering compensate for Wo Long’s few shortcomings.

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2. God of War: Ragnarök

God of War: Ragnarök

If it’s the intricate combat system of Black Myth: Wukong that you want more of, then you need to play God of War: Ragnarök this instant. Like the Monkey King’s magic staff that can transform itself from the size of a needle up to how long Wukong commands it to, God of War’s Kratos also has an insane arsenal of weapons ranging from the legendary Leviathan Axe and Draupnir Spear to the infamous Blades of Chaos.

God of War: Ragnarök hands down has the most groundbreaking combat system to date. Every hit is impactful and you’ll literally feel every hit, and it doesn’t just end there. God of War: Ragnarök’s story is as good as its gameplay, and there are a few games out there that excel in all realms. It’s definitely up there with the greatest games in history and for fans of Black Myth: Wukong, there couldn’t be a better alternative, except for, well, Elden Ring, the best Soulslike game ever.

1. Elden Ring

Elden Ring

While Black Myth: Wukong isn’t just a Soulslike game, it’s hard to not label it as one given it shares some similarities with the genre. Black Myth has 100+ enemy types that seem like they will be a brutal experience, and if you look at FromSoftware, it is often credited with being the studio that introduced this level of difficulty. 

As such, FromSoftware’s Elden Ring is the perfect experience to fall back on if you want to play games like Black Myth: Wukong. Elden Ring’s The Lands Between is rich with detail. Every inch of it offers something unique: ridiculously difficult boss fights, distinct areas with their own lore and enemy types, hundreds of different weapons, and enormous dungeons where you’ll die at least a hundred times. Elden Ring is as close as it gets to Black Myth: Wukong and there’s a fair chance that you might end up liking it more.

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