10 Best DLCs Ever Released

best dlcs ever

For any fan of gaming, a great title becomes even better when it’s subjected to fantastic post-launch content – and that tends to come in the form of top-shelf DLC. This could be anything from a few missions to an entire sub-campaign some ten or fifteen hours in length. In this list, we’re taking a look at the best DLCs ever released, deciding once and for all what the greatest game expansions are.

Best DLCs Ever

Here’s our representation of the best DLCs ever released in gaming – let us know in the comments if you agree with this breakdown.

1. Blood and Wine (The Witcher 3)

Blood and Wine was effectively a ‘send-off’ for The Witcher 3, taking place long after the main story was completed (chronologically) and serving as a ‘retirement’ of sorts for our hero, Geralt of Rivia. There’s a fourth-wall break at the end of the expansion that is worthy of a chef’s kiss – one of the best DLCs ever, indeed.

2. Point Lookout (Fallout 3)

Point Lookout is one of the creepiest Fallout DLCs ever, plunging players into a foggy, mutant-infested backwoods county and leaving them to fend for themselves. It was one of the largest expansions Bethesda Game Studios had released at the time, boasting a wide, open map and hours of extra content for the best Fallout game ever.

3. Left Behind (Last of Us)

Left Behind was a poignant, emotional expansion to an already heart-wrenching game. It told the backstory of Ellie and explored the journey she took before becoming bitten and discovering she was immune to the Cordyceps infection in The Last of Us. It was a perfect prequel that offered a few solid hours of gameplay.

4. Burial at Sea (BioShock Infinite)

BioShock Infinite was released back in 2012 and at the time of writing is the last game in the series. It was a phenomenal and beautiful game that was perfectly expanded upon in Burial at Sea, a two-part DLC that spans BioShock’s in-game ‘multiverse’. It takes players back to Rapture, the instantly recognisable location from BioShock and BioShock 2.

5. Dragonborn (Skyrim)

Dragonborn was a massive piece of DLC that took players from the province of Skyrim to Solstheim to face off against an ancient dragon priest with a thirst for power. In this expansion, players travel through the likes of Apocrypha, learn new and powerful abilities, and explore a sizeable and dangerous map.

6. Nuka-World (Fallout 4)

It’s another Fallout DLC, but honestly, Bethesda Game Studios did such a phenomenal job expanding these games that it deserves another spot on this list of the best DLCs ever. At the end of Fallout 4’s lifecycle, BGS released Nuka-World, an expansion that serves as a perfect endgame, ultimately giving players one last opportunity to make a grand choice to impact their ‘status’ in the game for the final time.

7. Freedom Cry (ACIV: Black Flag)

Freedom Cry ultimately arrived on the scene as a standalone expansion, telling the story of Adéwalé, the strong and memorable supporting character from 2013’s Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. It’s one of the most impressive stories in Assassin’s Creed history, with players assuming the role of this former slave turned pirate turned assassin in an adventure that lasts a good few hours.

8. Blood Dragon (Far Cry 3)

Blood Dragon is easily one of the best DLCs in gaming history. It’s technically a standalone expansion, but it still deserves a place on this list. It put players in command of Rex ‘Power’ Colt, a ‘cyborg military commando’ fighting through a synth-wave-themed world that’s quite large in size and fun to explore. It’s memorable even today and it’s considered to be one of the best Far Cry games.

9. Undead Nightmare (Red Dead Redemption)

Undead Nightmare is legendary, and these days, fans of the Red Dead Redemption franchise are wondering why Rockstar Games hasn’t released a new version for RDR2. Released in 2010, Undead Nightmare saw players revisit John Marston, gunslinger extraordinaire, as he attempts to survive a brutal and terrifying zombie outbreak. It was a brilliant expansion that boasted its unique multiplayer modes.

10. The Ballad of Gay Tony (GTA IV)

The Ballad of Gay Tony – when Grand Theft Auto had single-player expansions. In Gay Tony, players can explore the full Grand Theft Auto IV map as a new character – and the story runs in parallel in part to that of the main game. However, there were several key differences, such as the inclusion of more side jobs, minigames, and some added vehicles and activities in the multiplayer modes.

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