Rockstar Celebrates TEN YEARS of GTA V… With GTA Online Outfits

gta v

Wow, what a milestone – I remember purchasing GTA V when it dropped on Xbox 360 ten years ago, and then again a couple of years later when it was released on the Xbox One. I worked in a video game store in the UK at the time, and it was probably the craziest launch I ever saw – people were queued around the town and it made almost $1 billion in a single day.

And now, ten years later, Rockstar Games has stepped up to celebrate that massive anniversary – almost no game ever made remains as popular as GTA V has after ten years on the market. How did Rockstar celebrate this milestone, though?

By releasing some outfits in GTA Online.

There Was Never a Game More Abandoned

It always boggles my mind to think that Grand Theft Auto V was completely abandoned immediately after it was released. To this day, there have been no expansions, no DLC – absolutely nothing to broaden what was one of the biggest games of all time. Looking at Rockstar’s earlier titles, Red Dead Redemption had Undead Nightmare, and GTA IV had The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Grand Theft Auto V had nothing – but GTA Online received all the attention moving forward. It was the same situation with Red Dead Redemption 2 – nothing for the single-player adventure, but plenty of content (for a while, at least) for the online offering.

Now, ten years down the line, you’d think Rockstar Games has something special in store for its flagship franchise, right? It was recently revealed that GTA V has sold more than 185 million copies over the last decade – surely that’s worthy of something epic, right?

Not really – to celebrate the tenth anniversary of GTA V, Rockstar Games released outfits themed around the trio of protagonists from the main game – Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. It doesn’t end there, though – you can also get GTA$ boosts and extra RP on certain missions.

And that’s about it.

Oh, there are some special paints for cars, too.

Roll on GTA 6, hmm?

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