Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Release Date Announced During State Of Play

Sony recently held its State of Play event for September 2023, where it showcased many of the biggest indie and third-party games that are set to be released over the coming months as we head into the Holiday season and then 2024. It has been a packed day for gaming announcements as the most recent Nintendo Direct presentation was held today which saw Princess Peach: Showtime get a release date, and F-Zero gets its first new game in 19 years.

During the recent PlayStation State of Play event, a brand new trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was revealed ahead of its launch in early 2024. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth continues where Final Fantasy 7 Remake left off with the team of rebels escaping Midgar.

It has now been confirmed that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be released on February 29, 2024, on PlayStation 5, at least for now. The first part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake eventually made its way to PC and we can expect this game to do the same. So far the game has bypassed Xbox, but with many Final Fantasy games appearing on Game Pass and Final Fantasy XIV making its way to Xbox next year, we could eventually see it make an appearance on the Xbox Series X.

In the trailer, we get to see many iconic locations and moments from Final Fantasy 7 brought to life with modern graphics. Locations including Kalm, Nibelheem, and the Gold Saucer were shown, as were the inclusion of Cait Sith and Vincent. It has been confirmed by Square Enix that the ending of disc 1 will be the conclusion of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, meaning that we will get to see that scene, you know the one I’m talking about. It is interesting to note that Diamond Weapon is seen in the trailer, which isn’t fought until the end of disc 2, but it may just be a teaser to show the Weapon bosses in Rebirth to prepare players for what will come in the final entry of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Check out the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth release date announcement trailer below.

And if you missed the State of Play event you can watch the entire live stream here.

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