YouTuber Spends $23k Buying 2,413 WiiU and 3DS Games

wiiu and 3ds completionist

On YouTube, popular creator, ‘The Completionist’, has uploaded a long-form video detailing how (and why) he has spent $22,791 while purchasing every single digital game available in the WiiU and 3DS eShops, at a total of 2,413 individual games.

Put simply, it’s a preservation effort, as on March 27th, 2023, both the WiiU and 3DS eShops will be closed forever, meaning that purchases on those platforms can no longer be made, and hundreds of games will be forever lost.

So, The Completionist – whose real name is Jirard Khalil – has taken it upon himself to buy every single game available on both consoles’ eShops.

The Most Monumental Spree

In the video that was uploaded to YouTube, Khalil noted that the herculean effort of downloading all these games soaked up more than 1.4 TB of storage space across both the WiiU and 3DS. Not only that, but it took him a whopping 328 days to buy out the entire eShop inventory for both platforms.

Here’s the video, in case you’re curious to learn exactly how Khalil and his team managed to dedicate themselves to preserving some key Nintendo history:

It wasn’t an effort completed for the mere making of a video, though. In a statement, Khalil confirmed that there was a bigger agenda at play behind the purchasing of almost 2,500 games over the course of almost an entire year.

We started our own charity event, Preserved Play, which is an annual event to raise money for them (non-profit gaming charities) and that’s happening this year … I will be donating these consoles and all the storage to the Video Game History Foundation in the very end so that all these games can live on.

So, The Completionist – living up to his name – has secured the entire catalogue of WiiU and 3DS games in an effort to preserve them for future generations to remember them, and perhaps re-experience them in some way, long after the eShops have been closed down by Nintendo.

Do you think it was worth the effort?

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