XDefiant Has Been Delayed Again, But No New Release Date Given


The official XDefiant Twitter account has posted that the game has been delayed again, but no new release date has been given.

The delay comes after a slew of rumors circulated on the internet that the game could be released as soon as October 17.

The tweet reads, “Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Public Test Session and continues to stand alongside us as we build XDefiant. The PTS once again showed us your appreciation for our fast-paced gunplay, uniquely crafted maps, objective-driven modes, and iconic Faction roster.

But it also surfaced some inconsistencies in the game experience that we need to address prior to launching our Preseason. So we’ve made the hard decision to delay the Preseason of XDefiant.

The team will continue working to address these issues and testing them to make sure we deliver on our goal of being a best-in-class arcade shooter. We will share more information about Preseason and testing as it comes.

Thanks again for your support – we’re working hard to make something really special and we couldn’t do it without you.”

Technically speaking, a release date for XDefiant actually hasn’t been given thus far, with the new delay announcement not really shedding light on when the game will be released. But with Call of Duty just a few weeks away, maybe the delay is for the best.

In fact, we strongly believe XDefiant has a better chance of being successful if it releases sometime during Q1 2024. While that might seem like a long way for some, it could be a good chance for the free-t-play FPS to shine. Afterall, this will be the time when the hype for the current Call of Duty seemingly dies down.

It is possible though, that the delay is not a long one. With a recent leak claims that the game could launch on October 28, 2023.

Let us know in the comments section below when you think XDefiant should set its release date.

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