XDefiant Release Date Conflicts With COD Event, It’s Claimed

xdefiant release date

XDefiant just underwent another round of testing, with thousands of players jumping into temporarily opened servers to enjoy everything that the title has to offer – but that lasted just one day. It looked more polished than it did during the beta phases that took place in the summer, but at present, Ubisoft is still yet to confirm a release date for XDefiant.

Well, according to a recent claim published by el_bobberto on Twitter, XDefiant is set to release on October 17th, which puts it in direct conflict with the beginning of Call of Duty’s ‘The Haunting’ event. It also means it’ll drop just one day after the closure of the Modern Warfare 3 beta stages, potentially redirecting the attention of first-person shooter fans the world over.

Would Ubisoft Be So Bold?

XDefiant was already supposed to be with us, but thanks to QA-based rejections from Xbox and PlayStation, it was bounced back to Ubisoft’s developers. In a recent update, Mark Ruben, Executive Producer of XDefiant, was relatively transparent, stressing that the game’s release window had been pushed back to October – but he didn’t offer up a specific day.

Now, assuming the recent playtest went okay and Ubisoft has patched up the compliance issues that XDefiant presented to block it from getting access to the Xbox and PlayStation storefronts, it’s very likely that yes, XDefiant could be released on October 17th.

It’s as good a day as any, but it’ll be just three days before Spider-Man 2 is released on PlayStation 5 and it’s the same day that Call of Duty’s ‘The Haunting’ event begins, in celebration of Halloween.

That’s going to be a busy time for everyone involved.

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