Xbox User Gets One-Year Ban For Uploading Baldur’s Gate Smut

baldurs gate 3 smut

It’s not a Happy New Year for one Xbox user. Recently, a Redditor by the name of ‘Daddy-Vegas’ shared a screenshot and a heartbreaking story, revealing that he’d been banned for an entire year from the Xbox network for inadvertently uploading clips of Baldur’s Gate 3 that contained nudity to the Xbox Cloud.

The three clips – which Daddy-Vegas dubbed ‘naked camp time fun’ – each earned him a separate strike, with each infraction worsening iteratively. It started with a four-day long suspension, but by the third clip, that duration had swollen to a whopping 366-day ban.

That’s Strict

On Reddit, Daddy-Vegas poured his heart out to sympathetic readers, stressing that the appeals process isn’t yielding any results and he remains blocked from playing anything that requires a connection to the Xbox network. It has since been revealed by many users that you can turn off the function that automatically pushes clips to the Xbox Cloud, but for Daddy-Vegas, that information is too little, too late.

Following the first appeal, Daddy-Vegas confirmed that the ‘Xbox Safety Case Review’ stated the following:

After reviewing your inquiry, we have found the enforcement to be warranted.

It was just three hours ago (at the time of publishing) that Daddy-Vegas offered the latest update in the ongoing debacle, explaining that he’s still impacted by his suspension and is looking for ‘waves’ to be made to make Xbox aware of what could potentially be labelled a very unfair ban.

Baldur’s Gate 3 took a little longer to come to Xbox than it did to PlayStation or PC. It wasn’t released until December 7, despite launching in August on PlayStation platforms. It turns out it might not have been worth the wait for Daddy-Vegas.

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  1. Microsoft: All business, no heart.

    Daddy-Vegas, my advice is to get yourself a True gaming platform. I recommend PC since it has the most freedom and both Xbox & PS5 exclusives are slowly moving to PC anyway.

    PS5 and Switch are great options too and while bans can still happen, it seems that Microsoft is the most trigger happy.

    Wishing you the best.
    Good luck Gamer ????

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