Monster Hunter: World Is Soaring Up The Steam Charts

monster hunter world

In the last few days, a monumental surge of popularity has driven Monster Hunter World, which was released back in 2018, into the top ten most-played games list on Steam. It’s currently beating out the likes of Call of Duty, The Finals, and Lethal Company, pushing above and beyond the 100,000 peak concurrent player mark with ease.

Before the last few days, Monster Hunter World hadn’t hit these numbers since October 2020.

Monster Hunter: World Is Running Wild

Monster Hunter World is fast becoming one of the most popular games on Steam a whopping six years after it was released, with a resurgence coming out of nowhere. Recently, Monster Hunter: World was heavily discounted as part of the Steam Winter Sale, with almost 70% being knocked off the price.

It’s assumed that the low price point combined with a sense of excitement for Monster Hunter: Wilds – which was revealed at The Game Awards 2023 – is driving up the popularity of the open-world Capcom RPG. This all began when Capcom drew attention to the substantial discount at the start of December, encouraging players both new and old to explore Astera in Monster Hunter: World.

With a Metascore ranking of up to 90 and generally favourable reviews across the board, it’s little wonder why Monster Hunter: World is enjoying a climb back to the highest echelons of Steam.

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