Xbox Series S Price Rise in Brazil is Almost Anti-Consumer

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It was revealed recently by Brazil’s ‘The Enemy’ publication that the Xbox Series S has seen a sharp price rise in the country that is so severe it’s almost anti-consumer in nature. Microsoft highlighted this price hike in a press release that The Enemy circulated, and for now, it seems that the boosted price tag concerns specifically the Series S model, which is supposed to be an ‘affordable entry point’ into the current generation of home consoles.

Affordable Becomes Unobtainable

It was revealed that the suggested retail price of the Xbox Series S in Brazil would be boosted to R $3,599, which at the time of writing is just north of $700 USD. That’s a staggering price increase, especially considering the cost of a brand new PlayStation 5 console floats around $499 USD.

By way of an explanation, the reported press release that The Enemy circulated reads (translated):

On Xbox, we remain focused on delivering the best gaming experience across multiple price ranges, so players can choose the one that best suits their needs and game budget,” the company said in a statement. “In the coming weeks, we will begin reporting price adjustments for Xbox Series S consoles in Brazil. The SKU base Xbox Series S will be updated at Brazilian retailers where Xbox Series S consoles are available,” the statement said. “We kept our console prices for many years and now we’ve adjusted prices to $3,599.” While the console remains an important part of the Xbox ecosystem, we will continue to offer great games, skills and options for gamers in Brazil, so they can play as and wherever they want.

Bizarrely, it was stressed that no changes are being made to the price of the 1 TB Xbox Series S console – only the 500 GB model. There are also no changes expected to be made to the Xbox Series X console, which means the 500 GB Xbox Series S will cost more than its more powerful big brother.

The Enemy wrapped up the report by stressing that, until now, Brazilian gamers could pick up an Xbox Series S for around R $2000 – R $2500 (around $400 USD).

On social media, some gamers have voiced their dismay at the changes, stressing that Microsoft seems intent on ‘killing the Xbox Series S’ in Brazil.

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