Xbox Players Filed 27 Million Reports in Six Months – But Only 10% Were Legit

xbox transparency report

In the latest Xbox Transparency Report, Microsoft revealed a whole host of information related to the moderation, user protection, and enforcement ecosystems it promotes across its gaming platforms. In a staggering figure, it was shown that more than 27.4 million reports were filed by Xbox players in the space of six months in H2 2023.

It was revealed that a whopping 12.7 million reports were filed regarding in-game or on-platform communications and that in the six months, more than 10.3 million enforcements were issued – but only 2.1 million of those came from player reports, which is fewer than 10% overall.

What’s The Issue?

Either 25 million reports were filed in error (or maliciously) or Microsoft’s moderation system is a little more lenient than we’ve been led to believe.

If 27.4 million reports were filed but only 2.1 million reports ended up leading to enforcement, there’s a stark imbalance somewhere in the system. However, Microsoft was quick to confirm that proactive enforcement is much more prevalent, with the tech titan using automated systems to detect cheaters and malicious operators on its platforms. That’s primarily why H2 of 2023 saw a whopping 79% of all enforcement action come off the back of proactive measures.

Amazingly, it was revealed that Microsoft secured a proactive enforcement rate of 100% (or close enough to that figure) for account tampering, piracy, cheating, fraud, and phishing, slamming down on these topics long before they were reported by players.

Out of the millions of enforcements across the board, it was confirmed that around 693,000 were issued due to harassment or bullying, and another 551,000 were due to adult sexual content. At the other end of the spectrum, 7.32 million enforcements were issued due to cheating or inauthentic accounts.

In the closing slides, Microsoft claimed that it’s increasing more toxicity on its platforms over time, and that includes text-based, image-based, and video-based communications. That’s not always a good thing, though – an Xbox user recently got a one-year ban for sharing a captured game clip featuring a sex scene in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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