Xbox Games Showcase Officially Announced For June 11

Xbox has officially announced that its Xbox Games Showcase will be live-streamed on June 11, 2023.

The announcement states that the Showcase will include “New surprises and first looks from our incredibly talented internal studios”, and that “This is the day gamers have been waiting for to see what is coming to Xbox, PC, and Game Pass.”

The Xbox Games Showcase start times:

  • PT: June 11, 10am
  • ET: June 11, 1pm
  • BST: June 11, 6pm
  • CET: June 11, 7pm
  • JST: June 12, 4am
  • AEST: June 12, 3am

Immediately after the Xbox Games Showcase, they’ll also be the Starfield Direct, which will give a deep-dive into Bethesda Game Studios’ highly anticipated sci-fi RPG. It’s currently unclear on hw long both showcases will last.

In addition to the announcement, Xbox will also have its follow-up stream named the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, which airs on June 13 at 10am PT. The showcase will include in-depth interviews focused on the news from the Xbox Games Showcase.

The Xbox Games Showcase Extended start times:

  • PT: June 13, 10am
  • ET: June 13, 1pm
  • BST: June 13, 6pm
  • CET: June 13, 7pm
  • JST: June 14, 4am
  • AEST: June 14, 3am

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