Fall Guys Is Getting a Creative Mode on May 10th

fall guys creative

Fall Guys was released back in 2020, bringing a comedic, cartoony twist to the battle royale genre. It quickly became popular, but soared up the charts when it went free-to-play in June 2022, reportedly attracting more than 50 million new players, all of which were eager to assume control of the ‘jellybean’ characters and bounce their way to victory.

It has now been revealed by the developer, Mediatonic, that an all-new Creative Mode is coming to Fall Guys as of May 10th. This new mode will drop alongside the Season Four update, and it’ll allow users to flesh out their own maps, filling them with obstacles and items commonly found in Fall Guys and sharing them with others as they see fit.

Time To Get Creative

Fall Guys is a unique title that’s bundles of fun, but it really began its life in earnest when it went free-to-play in June 2022. It was a reboot of sorts, with the game transitioning from ‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’, to just ‘Fall Guys’. Before the transition, the game was actually in its sixth season, but it pivoted to Season One for the reboot.

On May 10th, Season Four will be released, dubbed ‘Creative Construction’, and it’ll introduce a never-before-seen level editor to the game. There will also be fifty new rounds added to the base game that have adopted a ‘low poly-themed’ design. Like previous seasons, Creative Construction boasts a newly structured ‘Fame Pass’ that can be bought to unlock extra content over time.

Fans that have long desired to create their own maps in Fall Guys will have the ability to do so from May 10th. It was revealed in a blog post on the Fall Guys website that these creations can be shared with the wider community and that Mediatonic themselves will curate ‘Playlists’ that feature their favourite custom-created rounds.

What will you build when Fall Guys’ Season Four update drops on May 10th?

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